Character. Cost: 6. STR: 5.

Commander. Mercenary.

Bestow (2).

Reaction: After a card with bestow enters play, it gains 1 gold. (Limit twice per phase.)

Action: Move 1 gold from Vargo Hoat to a character with 2 or less gold. Until the end of the phase, Vargo Hoat gains that character's keywords.

Andrius Anezin
Forgotten Heroes #17.

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Vargo Hoat

Rules FAQ

  • Vargo’s reaction is used in the same reaction window as Favors From the Crown, after the bestow keyword is resolved.

  • You can use Vargo’s reaction to put gold on an opponent’s card if you like (for instance, Wex Pyke). This happens after that card’s controller has chosen the amount of gold for bestow.

  • Vargo Hoat only gains the keywords that are present at the time you trigger him. He only gains one instance of each keyword, even if the chosen character is gaining that keyword from multiple sources. If the chosen character gains or loses additional keywords at a later point (or if it is removed from play), Vargo remains unaffected.

  • Since Vargo’s Action does not require you to “choose” a target, opponents will need to decide whether to use a cancel or not before they know which character you intend to move gold to.

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