House Tyrell. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 2. STR: 2.

Kingsguard. Knight. Rainbow Guard.

Bestow (1).

Reaction: After you initiate a challenge, discard 1 gold from Ser Emmon Cuy to raise the claim value on your revealed plot card by 1 until the end of the challenge. Then, if he has no gold, kill him. (Limit once per phase.)

Michael Chrzanowski
Forgotten Heroes #16.

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Ser Emmon Cuy

Rules FAQ

  • The claim value on your revealed plot card will remain raised even if Ser Emmon Cuy is killed by his own ability or subsequently removed from play by another effect. Saving him from being killed will not affect the resolution of the pre-then aspect of the effect either, the claim value will still be raised.
Odrl 1206