House Tyrell. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 4. STR: 2.

Lord. Small Council.

Reaction: After a player marshals or plays a Small Council card, return an event from your discard pile to your hand. (Limit once per phase.)

Interrupt: When Orton Merryweather leaves play, put a non-unique Spy character into play from your hand.

Roman Kazjuka
Forgotten Heroes #15.

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Orton Merryweather

Rules FAQ

  • You can immediately use Orton’s reaction after you marshal him.

  • Putting a card into play does not constitute marshaling or playing that card.

  • If you play The Council Consents, the event is placed in the discard pile before the reaction window opens, so you can immediately take it back to hand with Orton. The reaction window to winning an challenge by 5 or more STR is still open, so if you use Orton to take back a different event (for instance, Doran's Game), you can play that event immediately.

  • If Orton leaves play due to Valar Morghulis or another effect that targets all characters in play, the Spy that is put into play will not be affected by that and will remain in play.

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