House Stark. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 2.

House Reed. The North.

Shadow (1).

Action: Kneel and return Greywater Watch to shadows and kneel a character to have it participate in the current challenge on your side. (Max 1 per challenge.)

Sebastián Aguirre
Jade Sea #11.

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Greywater Watch

Rules FAQ

  • An opponent's game elements may not be used to pay a cost, which means you can only kneel a character you control. The character does not need to have the corresponding challenge icon. Also, you can choose a character that was bypassed by stealth.

  • Max 1 per challenge (as opposed to “limit”) means you cannot trigger Greywater Watch twice in the same challenge, even though it leaves and re-enters play. (See Limits and Maxima.)

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