House Stark. Non-Loyal.
Event. Cost: 0.

House Tully.

Interrupt: When a House Tully character you control would leave play, discard 1 power from that character to save it.

"There was a time when Cat was all I wanted in this world.... but she was a daughter of Riverrun, and Hoster Tully. Family, Duty, Honor, Sansa. Family, Duty, Honor meant I could never have her hand." Littlefinger
Roman Papsuev
Hear My Words #29.

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Family, Duty, Honor

Rules FAQ

  • You can play Family, Duty, Honor to save the character from various effects that would cause it to leave play, including being killed, discarded from play, returned to your hand, removed from the game, placed on top of your deck, etc. You cannot save the character from being sacrificed, from terminal burn, or from any effect that says "cannot be saved". You cannot save the character if it would leave play as part of the cost of initiating an ability.
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