House Stark. Non-Loyal.
Event. Cost: 1.

House Bolton.

While you control Harrenhal or The Dreadfort, reduce the cost to play Our Blades Are Sharp by 1.

Action: Sacrifice a non- card to return up to 2 House Bolton cards from your discard and/or dead pile to your hand.

Roman Papsuev
Hear My Words #28.

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Our Blades are Sharp

Rules FAQ

  • If you control both Harrenhal and The Dreadfort, the cost is only reduced by 1.

  • You can only play Our Blades Are Sharp if there is a House Bolton card in your discard or dead pile. You can still choose not to take any card back to hand though, as "up to 2" may include 0.

  • If The Annals of Castle Black is revealed, you can play Our Blades Are Sharp from your discard pile even if there are no other House Bolton cards in your discard or dead pile. The event itself is an eligible "target" when play restrictions are checked. However, it leaves the discard pile and is in the process of being played by the time the effect resolves, so you will not be able to return it to your hand.

  • You cannot sacrifice your melee title to pay the cost of Our Blades Are Sharp.

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