Plot. Income: 4. Initiative: 4. Claim: 1. Reserve: 7. Plot deck limit: 2.


Twice per phase, each player may play an event in their discard pile as if it were in their hand.

Forced Reaction: After an event is placed in a discard pile, remove it from the game.

Card design by 2014 Overall World Champion, Alexander Hynes.

Serena Malyon
Redesigns #58.

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The Annals of Castle Black

Rules FAQ

  • Event cards played from your discard pile will be removed from the game (they are still considered to be placed in your discard pile after resolving).

  • If you are instructed to “return an event to your hand instead of placing it in your discard pile”, that event will never enter your discard pile, so it will not be removed from the game. On the other hand, Maester at the Rock will not be able to move an event to the top of your deck, because the Forced Reaction will trigger first. Same with Orton Merryweather, he will not be able to return The Council Consents to your hand after you play it.

  • Baelor Blacktyde will not prevent you from playing an event in your discard pile if it is your only copy. Marching Orders still prevents a player from playing any events, because the word "cannot" is absolute, and cannot be countermanded by other abilities. (See Cannot.)

  • If more than one player has The Annals of Castle Black revealed, their abilities are not cumulative. Playing an event in your discard pile counts towards both plots, so you may still only do so twice per phase in total. Playing an event with Emissary of the Hightower also counts towards Annals, so you may only play one other event in your discard pile after that. The order is important here though. If you play two other events first, you still have permission to play the one you chose for the Emissary.

  • You cannot play "The Winter Maid" from your discard pile when you reveal The Annals of Castle Black, because the plot is not “active” yet when the interrupt triggers. However, you can play it from your discard pile to interrupt the following plot, because Annals is still active then.

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