House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 8. STR: 8.

Army. Raider.

Assault. No attachments. Pillage.

Reduce the cost of each Raider character you marshal by 1.

Reaction: After you initiate a challenge in which you control an attacking Raider character, discard the top card of each opponent's deck.

Tomasz Jedruszek
For the Realm #4.

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The Iron Fleet

Rules FAQ

  • The Iron Fleet’s constant ability only works while the card is in play, so it does not reduce the cost to marshal itself.

  • You can trigger The Iron Fleet’s reaction even if it is not participating in the challenge itself, as long as you control another attacking Raider character. The discarded cards are not considered to be “discarded using pillage”, but they are still discarded from an opponent’s deck, so you can react with Corpse Lake if a character is discarded in this way.

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