House Baratheon. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 1.


While Summerhall is standing, cards cannot enter or leave play during challenges.

"Did we learn nothing from Summerhall? No good has ever come from these dreams of dragons, I told Axell as much." Alester Florent
Andreas Rocha
For the Realm #3.

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Rules FAQ

  • The word "cannot" is absolute, and cannot be countermanded by other abilities. That means Summerhall stops anything that would cause a card to enter or leave play during challenges, including ambush, shadows, any “put into play” effects, and any “removal” effects (like A Pinch of Powder). It also stops forced abilities that would cause a card to enter or leave play (for instance, White Raven). If the cost of an ability requires a card to enter or leave play (for instance, Alchemists' Guildhall), that cost cannot be paid, so the ability cannot be used. Summerhall also prevents cards from coming into play as duplicates.

  • Summerhall will stop certain agenda abilities from being triggered during challenges, including Trading With Qohor, A Mummer's Farce, and Battle of the Trident (plots do enter and leave play, like other cards).

  • Terminal burn effects will not kill a character if its STR is 0 during a challenge. However, most such effects last until the end of the phase, so the character will still die immediately after the challenge ends if its STR is still 0.

  • If a card was “removed from the game” and the removal effect would expire during a challenge, that card stays removed from the game indefinitely.

  • Events do not enter play, so they can still be played during challenges, even from shadows. Events such as Support of the People still don't work though, because they cannot put a card into play.

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