Your deck may include non-loyal Fool characters from any faction.

You may marshal or play facedown cards you control attached to a Fool character as if they were in your hand.

Forced Reaction: After a Fool character you control stands, attach the top card of your deck facedown to it, as a Weapon attachment with the text: "Terminal. Attached character gets +1 STR."

Roman Papsuev
Hear My Words #51.

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A Mummer's Farce

Rules FAQ

  • The attachments enter play under your control, so you can still marshal or play them as if they were in your hand even if an opponent takes control of attached character. You cannot marshal or play facedown cards an opponent controls, even if you control attached character.

  • The facedown cards have no characteristics other than those granted to them by A Mummer's Farce. That means cards that interact with attachments (such as Confiscation or Shadow of the East) can still interact with those cards. Cards like Lay Waste or Halder cannot, because facedown cards do not have the non-limited characteristic or any faction affiliation.

  • You may only look at the identity of facedown cards that are under your control.

  • When multiple Fool characters stand at the same time (for instance, in the standing phase), the first player decides the order in which the Forced Reactions trigger.

  • If a Fool character has the no attachments keyword, the Forced Reaction will not trigger for that character. Note that “no attachments” and “no attachments except Weapon” are different keywords. If a card has multiple variants of the “no attachments” keyword, any variant that would prevent a card from having a given attachment prevails.

  • You can marshal facedown cards attached to Fool characters into shadows as if they were in your hand.

Odrl 1231
Does anybody know whether I can ambush cards under the fools in the challenge phase? I don't see any reason why not, but it is not allowed when I play online for some reason — oldbearmormont 1
Sorry for the late reply. No, you cannot ambush cards in this way. The agenda only allows you to "marshal" or "play" the cards, but ambushing cards is something different. — Odrl 1231