Character. Cost: 3. STR: 3.

Army. Wildling.

Assault. Pillage. No attachments except Weapon.

Thenns cannot target a location using assault unless each character you declare as an attacker has the Army or Wildling trait.

The Thenns were hardened warriors, and more disciplined than the common run of wildling.
Kerem Beyit
For the Realm #26.

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Rules FAQ

  • Targeting a location using assault happens as part of initiating a challenge. If you declare a non-Army, non-Wildling character as an attacker, Thenns basically functions as if it didn’t have the assault keyword during that step. If another character you declare as an attacker has assault, you can still choose an assault target, but the cost restriction will depend on the other character’s printed cost, even if Thenns’ is higher. While the challenge is resolving, Thenns will have assault regardless of what Traits the other attacking characters have.
Odrl 1005