House Baratheon. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 5. STR: 5.

Bastard. Brotherhood. R'hllor.

While you control no loyal characters, Gendry gains renown.

Reaction: After the challenges phase begins, choose a non-loyal character with a Weapon attachment. Until the end of the phase, that character gets +2 STR and gains each of Gendry's keywords.

Henning Ludvigsen
Bran the Builder #1.

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Rules FAQ

  • The chosen character only gains the keywords Gendry has when the reaction is triggered. If Gendry subsequently gains or loses a keyword, the chosen character remains unaffected.
  • The chosen character only gains one instance of each of Gendry‚Äôs keywords, even if Gendry himself has multiple instances of that keyword.
  • If Gendry has a Weapon attachment, he is an eligible target for his own ability. In that case, he will get +2 STR and gain a second instance of each of his keywords.
  • Gendry can choose any character that has a facedown Weapon attachment from A Mummer's Farce.
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