House Lannister. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 5.

Stronghold. The Westerlands.

While Casterly Rock is standing, you may spend gold on cards you control as if it were in your gold pool.

Marshaling Action: Kneel Casterly Rock to choose up to 3 cards. Each of those cards gains 1 gold.

Ted Nasmith
Bran the Builder #8.

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Casterly Rock

Rules FAQ

  • "Spend" refers to any ability that allows a player to choose to pay gold or move gold from his or her gold pool. This includes paying costs and moving gold for bestow. (See Spending Gold.)

  • You can choose any card in play, even if it does not have the bestow keyword or any other interaction with gold in its text. You can also choose a card with bestow that already has gold equal to or higher than its X value. You cannot add any gold to your gold pool with Casterly Rock.

Odrl 1206