Location. Cost: 5.

House Arryn. Stronghold.

While your initiative value is 0, The Eyrie is immune to opponents' non-plot card effects.

Challenges Action: During a challenge in which you control a participating loyal or House Arryn character, kneel The Eyrie to have it contribute 2 STR to your side this challenge for each participating character you control.

-2 Initiative. +1 Reserve.

Ted Nasmith
As High as Honor #31.

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The Eyrie

Rules FAQ

  • A quantity cannot be reduced so that it functions with a value below zero. If your initiative value is a negative number, it will be treated as 0 and The Eyrie will gain immunity.

  • Even though The Eyrie is immune to most card effects, any attachments, duplicates, or tokens on it are not themselves immune. Neither is its triggered ability, which can still be canceled by cards like Treachery.

  • If your initiative value is 0, The Eyrie cannot be targeted by assault.

  • If the text box of The Eyrie is blanked due to a lasting effect, reducing your initiative value to 0 before the effect expires will not retroactively remove the effect. The same goes for any non-blanking lasting effect as well.

  • Seized by the Guard and Pyromancer's Cache will have no effect on The Eyrie while it is immune. However, the moment your initiative value becomes 1 or higher, The Eyrie’s printed text box will become blank (including the part that gives immunity), and reducing it back to 0 will not work against those attachments anymore.

  • The amount of STR The Eyrie contributes is fixed at the time you trigger the ability, even if the number of participating characters you control subsequently changes, or if you no longer control a participating loyal or House Arryn character. If The Eyrie is still in play when you compare STR to determine the winner of the challenge (step 4.2.2), count that STR towards your total.

  • If you trigger The Eyrie multiple times in the same challenge, the STR contributions are cumulative.

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