Location. Cost: 1.

House Arryn. Stronghold.

Reaction: After you lose a challenge in which you control a defending character, the winning opponent must choose and discard 1 card from their hand. (Discard 1 card at random from their hand instead if The Bloody Gate is kneeling.)

Stephen Patane (Midjourney)
As High as Honor #33.

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The Bloody Gate

Rules FAQ

  • You must control a defending character at the point when you would trigger the reaction, not at the point when the winner (and loser) of the challenge is determined. For instance, if Drogon (R) kills your only defending character first, The Bloody Gate’s reaction can no longer be triggered. Same thing if you use Ser Vardis Egen before triggering The Bloody Gate.

  • Cards like The Haunted Forest do not count as defending characters, even if it means the challenge is opposed. On the other hand, a character that is participating in the challenge as a defender but contributes no STR to the challenge (due to Balon Greyjoy (Core), for instance) does allow you to trigger The Bloody Gate, even though the challenge is considered to be unopposed.

Odrl 1192