Lanni/Wolf antiFleaBottom - TOP16 Czech Nationals

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RaelagCZE 65

Hello, let me show you my deck I played on Saturday at Czech Nationals tourney.

Main goal was to build something against Flea Bottom meta and Varys control. First idea was with a Kraken but then I realized that the Wolf banner is a better counter to this meta right now. Frozen Solid is cool against locations and Ward is awesome against bestowed chars and also to create more pressure on an opponent. Bodyguards, Treachery, Begging Brother and Nightmares was designed against Varys wipe in Greyjoy "Rains" and in control decks. Very important card in this meta is a Last Hearth Scouts because this card counters Flea Bottom and also a jumping Combo decks. I am not jumping at all (there is only one Hound). This deck has some big guys and plenty of small ones (35 chars). They really help in a setup and even after reset I can build a board really fast to avoid loosing some big char in Marched to the Wall. Six reducers, six 7cost chars and seven 0cost locations are making setup really nice. There is a big chance to get 6/1/1/0 also. Another good thing on this deck is that don't care about beying first or second. With "no kneeling" chars is good to be first, but with solids and wards is good to be second. So I have plenty of options how to choose a strategy in a specific situation.

Now I can say a few words about games I played :)

1st round Rafa (Stark Fealty) W 1:0 First game against Starks. He was building a big board with a Dacey, but my setup was Tywin/eco/reducer and with some saves and dupes I wiped board and took a victory with a warded Arya ;)

2nd round Ovosh (Lanni Crossing) W 2:0 He had really bad setup and bad draw. Jaime was marcherd in the first round, then died Tywin and It was gg in 4th plot I guess.

3rd round Jan Smajcl (Greyjoy Winter) W 3:0 Nice game with really anoying pillage on my opponent's side, but I had a setup 7/1/0 and with and Eddard I had a faster power grab so I won in 5th plot. Events and wards were really usefull.

4th round quas (Tyrell Rains) W 4:0 Setup 7/1/0 with Tywin and Cersei with my hand. Draw after setup 2nd Cersei. Draw in the first round 3rd Cersei. This made a big presure on my opponent so he did a big misstake when he forgot to trigger Tinder Margery in his Valar turn. Some wards on his low chars and the game was mine. It was a masaccre.

5th round Dreik (Greyjoy Stag) L 4:1 He was playing a Zombie Drowned God Church. The ward card is a crucial in this matchup, because I can end the game in the marchalling phase or I can take Aeron which is almost auto lose for him. 1st key moment of the game was in second round when he spiked Ward from my hand. I was stalling the game without killing anyone to prevent him from reviving chars and to draw second Ward. Before the last round he had 13 and I had 9. There was a 2nd key moment. I warded his Aeron with 4 powers to make a final strike to take last two in mill challenge with Eddard. But there I was very unlucky. Even if he was two rounds in a topdeck mode he drew a Cressen.. Without events he took Aeron back and won the game.

6th round Martin Nemeth (Bara Summer) L 4:2 I was sure about reaching top 16 so I wasn't really focused on this game. I play mainly for a spying his deck because we could meet in the cut ;) I made some misstakes and oponent played all his elite chars (Baristan, big Mel, Robert, Stannis..) so my loss was slow but inevitable.

With 4:2 It was a 13th place after the 89 players swiss. It was solid, because my loss in 5th turn was a really bad luck and a matchup was very favorable. But then I get a possibly worst oponent in the cut. Raius and his stealing NW.

TOP16 Raius (NW wolf) L

I had a bad setup against him with no dupes and with no events. He drew Varys and used him in the first round. Tywin was marched and then it was slow game to my finall loss. Unfortunately I was drawing only Stark chars so I missed an Intrigue icon in half of the game which led into discarding Jaime and other usefull stuff. He had Qhorin who is very effective against my small chud. The matchup was unfavor for me about 2/5 I think. It was sad because in the cut there were plenty of decks where I would have a big advantage like against combo Cersei etc..

Nevertheless this tourney was awesome and this deck worked really nice. It was fun to play and It deserved a better place ;) But Raius had a really nice tech deck and It is no shame to lose with a player like him.

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