Euron My Mind (GJ/Sun) - Red Saturday Top 4

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ThesaurusRex 199

My deck from Red Saturday, as requested. Top 4, lost to Aaron’s “Red Saturday Lanny Rose”. (I may have forgotten to trigger my stolen Lannisport a few times. Oops.)

Stealth and icon removal to create unopposed challenges for big power swings. Sneak Attack opens to either clear their board with a military or (my preferred approach) empty their hand with an intrigue. An empty hand and a Wildfire or Marched sends them top-decking back to the Stone Ages.

Highlights of the day: stealing “Highgarden” and removing Knight of Flowers from a potentially game-winning attack, pillaging “Lannisport” and putting it into play immediately, stealing “The Wall” from a Night’s Watch deck (hey, I’m Cotter Pyke now!), doing an unnecessary power challenge to play SotP to put Seastone Chair in play and target-killing Dany with a military push by Balon.

This deck was a lot of fun to pilot, and the event was amazing. Thanks again to the awesome New York crowd.


scantrell24 3250

Hey , congrats on the top 4! Anything you’d change afterwards? The 3 Support / 1 Kraken / 1 Chair is interesting, as well as 3x Littlefinger.

ThesaurusRex 199

Hey Scantrell, thanks.

The problem right now is that there are cards I’d like to add, but I refuse to go over 60 cards and I can’t see removing any. I’d love to make Seal of the Hand work somehow, to clear 2x challenges with Balon alone, but that’s definitely my inner Shagga talking.

The location 1-ofs give me some extra room and flexibility, because of the consistency added by the tutor and draw effects. (SotP is a joke for Greyjoy to trigger.)

I can see this deck only getting more refined in the future- if Greyjoy has more stealth uniques and better draw/economy than LF, I’ll be able to rely on specific characters less. (Though that was never an issue for me today.)

megehman 46

Prime Opponent Sean makes a great showing in a tough field. This is a great deck piloted by a great player. Though it is not nearly as awesome as ol’ Put-Put (though may more effective at winning games). Good job Sean, you continue to inspire our meta to be more competitive just through your dedication to Second Edition.

ingsve 41

No Shipwrights?

ThesaurusRex 199

Shipwrights are great, and I run them in my Fealty deck. But I don’t need the intrigue icons as much with the Martell banner (especially with Here To Serve to grab Caelotte at will.) The Bastard Daughters took their spot as they serve better as chud/ hand destruction. (Arianne into a Daughter for chump block/ claim is fun.) Plus I’d rather my opponent trigger Kingsroads for Euron’s response.

Dydra 1471

Yeah, I was about to say why run 1x Ship and then saw u run Support of the People.

Truth be told I don’t really agree with this deck list. Bastard Daughter is worse in my opinion for this deck, than House Dayne Knight. 3x Littlefinger seems a bit over the top too … 2 max

I think I’d go for 3x Asha too, she is the strongest for her cost to power ratio.

Otherwise, yeah, TTB cards … gotta wait a bit more here :(

Barnie25 222

Congrats on your finish, I dont agree with this decklist on a lot of fronts but kudos to you that it worked out.

I think your cost curve is unbalanced, you run too many high drops and the exclusion of Lordsport Shipwright is in my mind a bad idea.

This deck is easily handled by kneel as you have no stand and not really a way to handle multiple milks or big beefy characters with seal of the hand.

If you would tell me before the tournament you would make top 4 with this list I wouldn’t have believed you. I urge you to write a tourney report or something to outline your deck choices.

ThesaurusRex 199

Wow. There’s been a lot of negativity over my deck decisions, on here and other places. I don’t think I’m the best pilot, so this is clearly a more consistent deck than people realize.

I think the mistake that people are making is under-valuing the high cost characters that either boost economy or grant multiple use. Euron brings in economy or draw locations, Arianne allows double-use (of herself, then a card from hand), and Littlefinger has the draw/gold.

You have to pilot the deck differently depending on your opponent, to work around the crucial effects in the meta. I’m only using 2x Asha instead of 3x to avoid her inevitable targeted burn. For kneel, Arianne protect Asha from pre-challenge kneel effects, and confiscate/ do not sow are crucial for attachment removal.

I’d also like to point out that I only lost my top 4 match due to my drop in stamina. (I’m definitely not used to playing in the 8-9th game, with 50 minute rounds and no breaks after game 7.) Aaron is a fantastic player and builder, but I had him on the ropes. If I had remembered to trigger Lannisport, I would’ve had Kraken’s Grasp + Support to put Great Kraken in play and make the challenge unopposed with Euron / Balon for a game close.

Barnie25 222

@ThesaurusRex Don’t take it the wrong way. I think that this deck just defies the ‘rules’ of deckbuilding or the perceived rules of it at the very least. You are claim soak light and top heavy without running dedicated money plots. You are not getting the Fealty discount so a 7 coster costs actually 7, the same for Balon. This puts a strain on your economy. But that is why I said make a primer about your deck and the choices that went into making the deck, and how your experiences have been.

Like I would like to know how you managed all these expensive characters without dedicated money plots and the lack of chuds with setup.

megehman 46

Why do you need a billion weenies to keep afloat? You keep your curve tight, you have saves, you have dupes, you’ll be fine. This deck has plenty of action economy, removal and spot control. I don’t see Greyjoy getting much better than this at this point in the card pool.

Dydra 1471

Jessus, I just saw you have Drowned Men instead of Black Wind’s Crew , wow!

linkingverbs 186

Having been at the tournament and seeing just how tough the field was, I’m pretty surprised at how poorly this list is being received. 3rd place at that tournament isn’t an accident.

Grats on top 4 though and thank you for posting your list.

ThesaurusRex 199

Thanks @megehman and @linkingverbs! I owe you both a beer.

@Barnie25; I agree, I think the deck defies a lot of preconceived notions in the current meta. The “give me weenie horde or give me death” mentality. My deck was designed to ace your top characters with Seastone Chair, and pear down your horde with Wildfire.

@Dydra; Drowned Men are a superior card to Black Wind’s Crew, even with the additional cost. (I’d only run BWC in an Aeron tower deck that is attempting to infinitely recycle Ironborn. I’m clearly not trying to do that here.) They can eventually become 7 str and essentially burn-proof, which is huge in the Targaryen match-up to protect against burn. They serve a similar purpose in my deck as Tywin does for Lannister, acting as huge bodies who defend challenges.

Patrick_haynes 393

I count ten characters cost two or lower so I don’t know what people are talking about saying there is no claim soak. Sneak attack is money (literally) and lets you pay for high cost characters pretty easily usually (although you may eventually run into a game or two where you are unable to play Euron) and littlefinger at 3x offsets the economic downside. I think the deck looks really solid, it’s a different approach than the one I went with for Greyjoy martell (less Euron, more low curve) but I really like this build. How did Obara Sand work for you? I feel like you might be better off with a paramour for the green icon and being able to get an annoying defender or attacker out of the way.

Patrick_haynes 393

Also, name game on point.

ThesaurusRex 199

Thanks @Patrick_haynes!

You’re right, Sneak Attack is the early game’s primary source of dosh. The penalty doesn’t matter because you usually only care about 1 challenge on turn 1 & 2 anyways. There is the occasional game where Euron is stuck in hand for a bit, but he also won me more games than he ever lost me. He can also stabilize your economy if you can trigger his ability.

Obara Sand is a great, efficient card that can act as a sleeper. A lot of people don’t realize she can defend against power challenges while standing. And even more people forget about her ability since she doesn’t have a printed power icon. (She’s also safe from icon removal thanks to this.) Aside from general ignorance around her effect, against skilled players she is still always 1/3rd challenge opposition.

I considered Paramour for a long time, but I didn’t like the cost for a monocon effect. I can see the value, but I felt like I’d get more use out of Obara in the long run. Plus if I’m launching a challenge to lose, it’s usually with Caleotte with the bonus of removing a difficult icon from the board.

Name credit has to goto @megehman, who would say this aloud whenever I played Euron Crow’s Eye.

linkingverbs 186

I mean…id totally take the beer….but if you were trying to get one of those alt plots off your hands…that’s cool too. :)

fauxintel 216

I really want to push back some more on some of the criticism listed above. I helped Sean test a little bit the night before RS and watched a lot of his other test games (I did not get to play him on the day… since Sean did well and I did not) but this is a fantastic deck that pushes GJ in different directions than the default builds floating around. I would actually it is a more flexible and resilient than many other builds (Arianne gives you so many more tricks).

Bottom line: results speak for themselves. Sean had to beat one of the top North American players twice in a row (last game of Swiss and in the top 8) to make the top 4. He then lost a close game to another top player in the North American scene.

Also, don’t discount Drowned Men. This deck has 4 good pumps for him. He is also a card that is going to get better soon with the spoiled GJ cards from the cycle.

Barnie25 222

This remind the alot of Seth gate. I am positive that the numbers are off in this deck and that some choices are subpar. Having said this it doesn’t take away that the deck idea is strong and that he put up the results. With more testing the deck would get more refined and probably perform even better.

The pilot vs deck argument is really difficult but sadly a single tournament doesn’t provide significant data but it does say something.

A reason I don’t like drowned men is because they are not Ironborn and can’t be brought back with Damphair.

BTrain 120

I’m gonna copy this and play this at a tournament because I’m new and not a good deckbuilder yet, but I’m pretty sure this list is garbage and you’re a garbage player who got lucky at a garbage tournament, cheers.

No but for real, I like where this deck is headed and I am still new to Thrones, so while the numbers seem different to what I would expect, I can’t wait to play with this list and try it out. Congrats on Top 4!

Katogamerguy 1

Thank you for bucking the trends and congrats on the placement. This game is already getting stuck in the “but you cant do that” mode because “they” say that you cant win that way. I look forward to trying this deck out with a few of my own tweaks.

SadKumquat 1

Question: would Arianne using her ability to pop an Arianne from hand just end up being a dupe instead of a swap?

ThesaurusRex 199

@SadKumquat; yes, since she is coming in as an attachment and not a character. It’s a fun trick after your opponent declares military.