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JPLovecraft 56

Trying to make Pillage viable. Keeping the dream alive!

I'm thinking on removing one Shadowblack Lane or both in favor of Corpse Lake to make it a bit rushier. Only reason I have the lane is for Without His Beard and I don't hit it as often as I wish I did.

Little Bird works wonders with Ser Gregor Clegane and a Voltroned Asha Greyjoy (Core) (with King of Salt and Rock).

Love the new Lannister econ cards, The Goldroad provides you with that extra income for unexpected Treachery and other control events, or just some Dominance advantage.

Plunder is a card that does not see much play. But in a pillage deck it's marvelous. I may reduce it to a x1 though. It combos great with Political Disaster and overall adds at least an additional 3-4 gold to any plot (bonus points for using it on my The Annals of Castle Black turn). Newly-Made Lord also helps beef up the gold revenue, especially in the current location-heavy meta (though I'm aware this deck has some ways before it might be considered competitive).


Zouavez 1

You only have 20 characters cards, 10 of which are unique duplicates. 10 distinct characters is way too few and will result in you getting shut out by Valar, Military claim, kill effects, and Marched to the Wall. Are you trying to mill your opponent? I can't think of why you would need Paid Off, Dragon's Tail, or Shadowblack.

JPLovecraft 56

@ZouavezI had more characters in the initial draft, yet rarely drew any dupes to save them from Valar. Also, a lot of the characters (some with pillage keyword but not all) did not really bring much to the table other than mil claim disposability (Polliver doesn't really make much of an impact imo).

Paid Off is to kneel big characters like Bobby B or Brienne, or characters with the Stealth keyword. They have become somewhat reliable (right now gorld usage is maximized and taking even 1 gold from your opponent's resource can set back their plans for a good round).

Shadowblack, as I explained, is only there to bring out Without his Beard for a nice strong Int challenge (or a Treachery is nice too), yet I feel this would be the first cards I would take out in favor of Corpse Lake.

Dragon's Tail in a pillage deck. You don't see the reasoning behind it? Are you aware of the Dragon's Tail/Without his beard/annals of castle black, combo? Thats a good 20 cards (if pulled of perfectly). Also, never turn down additional draw.

What would you suggest to make it better?

Zouavez 1

Are you aiming to get rid of all the cards in your opponent's deck or are you aiming to take advantage of powerful pillage abilities?

The "combo" with dragon's tail is useful for getting rid of your opponent's cards, but ithelps your opponent more in two ways:

1) You spent a card to draw 2, netting 1 while your opponent nets 2

2) Remember that Annals of Castle Black affects both players, and you're already giving your opponent targets with pillage.

The end result is that your opponent has a huge card advantage over you without even doing anything.

If you're not aiming to deck your opponent, Pillage can be good to enable powerful abilities like King of Salt and Rock. Either way, you want to focus on your win condition.

ibspify 1

Actually the other pillage cards do provide something most people don't pick up on right away, you can trigger your less impactful pillaged first to stack your opponents deck to make so he ever hits a character so the tickler grabs a duplicate etc.