Roar if you wanna go faster! - 3d@Worlds & Winner@ITA Nats

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Nimer 2676

This is the deck I was playing at 2017 Worlds. I was King of Swiss and went undefeated until the semifinal against Reinhardt, European and now World champion (congratz again mate!!!). It’s a very similar list to the one I won Italian Nationals with: I was running wildfire instead of weapons, Rattleshirt instead of Genna, Taena and a second copy of LAPHD instead of Shae 3x.

The deck is meant to be as much explosive as possible, and with an average draw it can outpace every other deck thanks to the fastest locations possible and the 6 jumping events, which grant a huge tempo gain over the opponent, especially in the first snow turn.

It was a hard and brave choice to leave hj and nightmares, but they would have made the deck slower thus less effective.

I think it is a very fun deck to play thanks to the multiple choices that it allows to be made during the challnge phase, and using the right resources in the right moment is crucial for the victory.

I find this version to be better than the previous one so I decided to publish only this. I made an almost perfect run at worlds but unfortunately wasn’t able to play the semifinal game because of an incredibly unlucky draw: it would’ve been great to fight against an amazing opponent and friend like Rein, but the fight didn’t even begin. :(

Feel free to ask questions in the comments, I will try to answer as soon as I read them.

Credits for this amazing deck go to Aure, Folla and Valli for helping me tuning and testing it. Moreover, I have to thank them and the Parma’s meta, as well as my usual online opponents, for helping me training for this very difficult tournament. Also thanks to Benji and all the italian metas that tested the deck for me and gave me useful suggestions.

Last but not least, I want to thank Team Yurop and the US metas for making me feel at home in this unforgettable experience.

You all were awesome!!!



Venser 1

Aure here, amazing result, bad luck in the last match :( . Always a pleasure deckuilding with you and the others :D.

vaaunifo 1

I forgot to mention that Benji made top 16 at the France nationals with the deck, being also the best Lannister. Congrats again! ;)

alextrigw 230

gg nimmer! was routing for you m8!

audioslavexxx 121

Super result, my friend! Amazing tournament, only bad luck stopped you. We have a great deckbuilding team!

iaan 17

Lovely deck and great result! Did you ever use Kettleback or A Lannister Always Pays His Debts at worlds? ^^

Nimer 2676

@alextrigwthank you my friend! @iaan I think I used both once but I didn't draw them very often. Kettleback is good because its a unique with pow challenge (very rare) who becomes a backup of hear me roar when put into play by inbamf. ALAPHD is needed against large boards to be able to push through some uo challenges: it's sort of a 1.5x so I guess it depends on the meta you're expecting I guess. The biggest issue with it is to lose the challenge, but lotc helps a bit in that sense.

Orion727 100

Congratulations for your great showing. I think this deck is not easy to play because you have a lot of decision points and you can easily make the wrong decision. It was a real pity you had a very bad draw in the semis. Would like to see a best of 5 between you and Rein that would be amazing to watch. Regarding the deck i have a few questions. I guess Bronn is here for the setup and you will seldom marshal him unless you have lots of gold because of tywin. That leads to the next question: how are your setups? And the last question is about weapons at the door? I guess it has two purposes: To go first if you really have to and to get one turn without negatve attachments that can push through the important challenges. And of course a meta call against nights watch and combo. Did you ever consider marched instead as that can be very good after fsnow?

Nimer 2676

Hi @Orion727and thank you. Yeah the deck is not easy to play and that’s why I like it that much: it gives me the feeling that I can change the result of the game thanks to my decisions, which is something you can do with very few decks. Setups are maybe the worst thing of the deck: they’re ok but not shiny, since you have a lot of 3 costers and 7 costers. That said I wouldn’t remove consistency from the deck: I want to maximize the inbamf chances to hit something impactful for the challenge phase, so tickler and or red cloaks would make the deck worse. Bronn helps in setups and with jumping events since he’s very good with both. Weapons is there for the reasons you mentioned: the other option was wildfire but the choice is meta dependant. I did never consider marched to the wall because first snow almost always leads to a high chance of a 2 power heads on spikes. ;)

MadSirian 1

Amazing deck it had catched my attention at italian nationals and now in its full glorious form. I love the concept and the style of the decks you play and it has inspired me for my decks. Great job again.

adam_geek 457

Congratz again mate!!!

Reim 793

Congratulations for your great showing Nico. Your deck is amazing and you piloted it perfectly. I saw some games of you on Table 1. The luckier guy won in the semifinal. I am looking forward to play against you (casual and/or in Stahleck) again and than hopefully both with a normal draw.

Nimer 2676

Thanks @adam_geek! It was a pleasure to meet the best Chinese-Australian-Yuropean player of the world!!! :D Thanks a lot @Reim, your sportsmanship qualifies you as a champion even more than your deserved win! I'm really happy that you were able to take the title. I'll be at the castle so there will be for sure time for more games... And if we will face during the tournament I hope it won't be so easy for you! :P

kaikou 707

Congratz bro! Awsome deck and best pilot. Thank you @adam_geek, @Reim, @Nimerand the rest of team Yurop for sharing with me this memorable week.

Counting the days to see you again in Sthaleck friend.


Amoon 1

Big congratulations on your fantastic performance and keeping the Lannister flame burning bright! Really like how the deck evolved from Tyrion's Chain to the jumper events. Will definitely give your version a go.

Nimer 2676

@kaikou it was a real pleasure to meet you and to play against you! -8!! :D @Amoon thank you, but honestly I never considered Tyrion's Chain I think it's a bad card even with HoS 2x... :P

gabi4008 410

Great performance nico!brutal deck and a very strong player. Congrats

servetz 30

Awesome deck and extraordinary pilot, you certainly deserved it, it's a shame the way you lost in the semis

dockellis 896

A 67 card masterpiece.

TheGlove 1

Might be a dumb question, so forgive me, but does Lord of the Crossing help much? I always thought people should play mostly high initiative plots with LotC. How many times do you typically win initiative with your plots?

Nimer 2676

@gabi4008``@servetz``@dockellisthanks a lot guys! @TheGloveofc lotc helps, you need every single power you can grab. You have 3 characters 3x that can make multiple challenges and also oppose a challenge so it fits the deck perfectly. The average initiative of plots is also very high so yeah, I usually win init.

SpiriT 183

@Nimer Do you really feel like you need 2x Rattleshirt's Raiders even with Weapons at the Door? I always cringe when I get them in a match-ups with no negative attachments.

Also do you consider Valar Dohaeris a natural add to the deck instead of The First Snow of Winter due to the synergy with I Never Bet Against My Family?

Nimer 2676

@SpiriTI feel more comfortable if I know I have rattleshirt raiders in the deck. They’re easy to trigger with crossing and the lack of good alternatives convinced me to play 2 of them. Of course they are not a key character so you should play whatever you prefer instead. VD could fit nicely in the deck but I would never drop forst snow to be honest. Maybe winter festival instead?

martin87 1

@NimerHello. You play the deck all the time? Did you make any changes following the arrival of new sets? I congratulate you on your good results. Thank you for the answer. Martin.

Nimer 2676

HI @martin87! I neve played the deck again after Worlds so I didn't think about any changes. I guess Valar Dohaeris could work very well though, maybe dropping Winter Festival as I wrote above. Nimer