Supersteward II, american dream ! ( top nw world 2017)

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Supersteward ! 30 20 7 1.0
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Supersteward ! Last ride at Birmingham ! ( top 32 euros ) 14 10 4 1.0

argento 518

supersteward back and angry !

i'm yannick ( (dario)argento in french tournaments , and (john)carpenter on theironthrone) and this is the deck i played in world 2017 ( and was runner-up at french national championship whith 2-3 different cards ), going to the top 16 and the top nw.

Loss against nimer's lanni cross in rounds and top 16 . Heads on spikes on my beautiful jon was the end of journey for me ...

but it was a fantastic tournament and an amazing week thx to team yurop ( i love u bro) and very nice american guys , particularly the minnesota's meta.

next episode will coming soon , story about supersteward and bunch of valar.


iaan 17


Nimer 2590

Congratz Yannick!!! Very well played during the swiss, your deck was a nightmare for me! As you said, a lucky HoS made my job easier in the top but still you did an amazing tournament. Hope to see you again soon.

Nounours 13

Congrats Yannick =) Nice performance !!

Reim 773

Congratulations for your great showing Yannick!!!! I was very lucky that I did not have to play against you. Your Deck is amazing and well piloted. I think your deck would be one of my worst matchups. So I hope you will pilot another deck in Stahleck ;)

Jeaux 1

You destroyed me at Laughing Tree this year. I feel a little better about the loss knowing you performed so well at Worlds. :)

argento 518

Thx guys !

Plural 1

Hello and congratulations on your win! Question: why is Noble Lineage in the deck? It doesn't seem like you're lacking power icons.

argento 518

power icon can really be a problem with stewards , and jon is very very strong when he got one !

adam_geek 457

Amazing deck! You destroy me in our first game

ChannelDelibird 887

Congratulations! The stewards build is one of my favourite archetypes in the game, and I'm delighted to see it do so well.

I'd like to ask how you felt about your Scheme plots. Did Red Wedding do enough? I've been toying with removing it from my Rains deck as I've triggered it only rarely.

argento 518

thx channeldelibird ! yeah red wedding is very strong , and very often make difference against tyrell, stark , lanni, greyjoy ... many times, ur opponent forgot it , or ... have to think about the threat !
i used it many times to kill varys too . now mace tyrell will be by next favourite target i think. Speaking about rains plots,i will try to add spider's web now , instead of varys riddle or power behind the throne. I played wildfire for few months , but didnt need it in very much games.