Stark Wolf Rains - Sam Braatz 2017 Worlds (15th, 6-3 Record)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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The North Remembers the Rains 5 5 0 1.0

Twn2dn 223

Sam Braatz shared via FaceBook group on Nov 5. Thought I'd do everyone a favor and publish the list :)


DrNovak 1

Cheers! Looks interesting. Which Facebook group was this?

robstjohn 115

You can see this deck in action here:

AegonTargaryen 7

He played at least 1 Direwolf Pup at worlds...

s.the.dornishman 1

We need the real list! I heard 2x pups. And I think I heard 3x PttS in the stream.

Twn2dn 223

Well, I just posted what Sam shared in the 2.0 Facebook group. If he posted an old list, then that's what is here. Maybe Sam can confirm?

Praetorian1011 43

@AegonTargaryen Agree on the ytube vid he sets up with 1 pup.