The North Remembers the Rains

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Stark Wolf Rains - Sam Braatz 2017 Worlds (15th, 6-3 Record) 38 19 6 1.0
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Whites4 111

I based this off of what we think Sam Braatz took to Worlds 2017, with some updates from the new chapter packs.

Nymeria does a ton of work here to trigger Rains, and I've found A Time for Wolves is often used in this deck to find a dupe of either her or Grey Wind, who is also incredibly important. Summer is still very good in this deck, but the number of times I've been able to marshal him, march him, then Flea Bottom him back in later on has been enough where I haven't often needed to search for him.

Grey Wind, Bran, and Robb Stark are the biggest hitters here. Eat an opponent's character with Grey Wind, Stand him with Bran, make a challenge with Robb, possibly feed Grey Wind a Winterfell Steward of your own to get Robb standing everyone again, then Grey Wind gets to make two challenges of his own via our very lovable Warg Bran. It's a big dumb combo that's sure to trigger once at some point, right?

Wolf in the Night is pretty good on any of the wolves actually, but especially Grey Wind, Nymeria, and Roaming Wolfpack. Other characters are there for good support, Last Hearth is a boring but good addition to making Rains trigger. Catelyn Stark + Grey Wind can be pretty crucial too to preventing your Martell opponents from using their Bastard Daughters.

All in all it's a fun deck that abuses stand tech and big dumb wolves.

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