Stahleck Driver event Best Deck- Dashing through the snow

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European Championship - King of Swiss- 5th overall 47 28 27 1.0
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Sand Lizard 99

So here's my winning deck from the driver format on the Sunday of Stahleck. It went undefeated on 5-0 with 26 players and held it's own against a massive field of green decks.

This was very nearly (and almost certainly should have been) my joust deck. I took it to UK nationals and came 17th and it's probably one of my favourite decks of all time. It is obviously heavily inspired by Gabriel's NW Xing, the main reason I entered it into driver was because I wanted to show just how strong it can be even in such a rush meta. Running almost every character with no attachments means you've no worries there, I definitely saw a Steward at the Wall and Begging Brothers wearing milk while Jon Snow, Grenn and Ghost had free reign of the board. Having no worries about location hate is also lovely, and again just removes a layer of stress and lets you focus on rushing ahead. Personal choices include 2x Heads on Spikes over Winter Festival. There's a lot of very powerful summer plots out there and Wardens of the South and Trade Routes have made WF miss way too often for my liking. HoS can still miss, but at least you're removing a card from hand. Begging Brothers are just a great counter to big effects like Varys and Margery until you find those milks. In reality the deck should have +3 Hands Judgement and -3 Great Halls but I'm a twat who didn't pack any HJ so had to fill the slots within 5 minutes of the tournament starting.

I wish I could tell you how the deck played but I have no idea, from glancing round it seemed to win a lot of games quickly and comfortably. I know for a fact it beat Nights Watch fealty (a fantastic match up) and Bara Rose (a potential death sentence) but beyond that I don't know. It's a scrappy little deck and I'm thrilled it did as well as it did. I really hope anyone who ended up with it enjoyed it. Massive thanks to the organisers for running the event,and congratulations to Ryan Wood for winning best player.


gabi4008 346

I know this deck

Sand Lizard 99

@gabi4008heh I remember watching you play it at dockside, I can only thank you for enlightening me to it!