European Championship - King of Swiss- 5th overall

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gabi4008 410

hello game of thrones world!

AUSTRIA is calling;)

First i want to gratulate my team mate Reinhard who took the champinship to Austria!YEHHHH Reini!!!!European Champion!!!!!great job!maybe you read something about his amazing deck;)

But i want you to tell something about my deck;)i took this deck now at two tournaments.the first one was at dockside brothel days one month ago.after finishing there at the 4th place i decided to play it once again at birmingham.i think it was a good choice;) i finished the swiss with 8-1 and become the king of swiss.a great honor for me,at a tournament with more then 150 players! i played now 23 tournament games with this deck.i have 17 wins and 6 losses...i am pretty happy with this result!

i built this deck arround one year ago...i tried to make a core jon snow deck^^i played it a few times but it was not that i put the deck aside...after the nights watch box came out, i thought to try a second time to build a core jon snow deck;)with grenn we got an amazing card for this deck...with grenn and jon you can put a lot of pressure on your combination with the agenda and the plotline you can increase your speed to finish the game early.the second brilliant card we got out of the box,is satin!it a "safty" card against bara.i played some testing games against bara,and it was not that bad you maybe expect^^with satin you can surely stand jon...thats fine...but way better is to stand maester helps so much against double militarys from targaryen,against a stark harrenhall kill deck,against sir ilyn payne,against tyene sand...with these two guys you can keep your board postion you need to get your 15 power! this two cards i play three times of course.then i play three more cards from the box....two time the builder at the wall...just good for setup...he has an important icon;)and we play some attechments^^ Ser Jaremy Rykker...he has no attechments exept weapons...he is a 4 cost against first snow....and if you are lucky...grenn can get a power icon;) But maybe the most important improvement of the deck was Qhorin Halfhand!he is attechments...renown...and an amazing abillityin my opinion one of he best cards in game! in my deck his job is to get some power and to keep the board under control.i play no some kills can help. but the most important is his work against the rattleshirt raiders!most players try to get attechment control with them.when i can stop them with qhorin most decks have very big problems...when your big guy has a craven it is very hard to pass qhorin with the rattleshirt... this about the new cards...

what is my game plan? here to serve...winter festival...winter festival when i get the chance to play this plotline,the game is posibly over after plot three;) of course it is not possible all the time.allways try to read what plot your oponent is playing.when i expect summer plots i have to wait with the festivals.against winter decks maybe not to open with here to serve...they can play barring the gates...its not allways an easy choice which plot you have to play;)maybe you know this^^ but my perfect plotline shows you my plan.i want to get to 15 power quicker then my oponent.thats my only goal! i play 12 cards only for defense.3 craven,3 milks,3 nightmares and 3 hands judgement.these cards should slow down my oponent or help me to get my offens through.all other cards should force my offens.i want to get the 3rd challenge through.usually a power challange...sometimes a military when grenn or qhorin is on board.the positiv attechments should help for this plan.the strentgh you get in combination with halder makes it difficult for my oponent.much calclation;)i know my deck and my synergies.most of my oponents not...its not so easy to defend the right way against this deck.

what are the key cards? of course its different to the decks i play against;)ghost is allways fine...he is just brilliant.stark,tyrell,lanni,nights watch,bara and targ...6 houses where ghost can be the key.withou him it could be hard to pass robert or tywin...or something else... jon snow... he can be the man...early in the game with longclaw and it can be a very short game;)he is the man why i built this deck.but he is not that important.sometimes its better to play cheaper characters and you dont need him...the deck can also make power without him. Qhorin... i love him.allways nice to see him working;)his renown is there a rattleshirt i need him^^ but the big boss is definitly maester aemon!without him,the problems beginn^^valar can kill me...and i need my characters...all of them;) craven and milks... yep...i play them;)and yes i need them;) against targaryen hands judgement is so important...dracarys is a nightmare;)

something about the plotline... here to serve is the best plot for this important!!!it brings the best man in the game...and a green icon;)sometimes it is a problem...then the old maester also has to fight;) winter festival... 2 power...winter trait...5 helps to finish the game i play two of them! clash of kings...9 ini...aditional power...questions?;) counting coppers...sometimes you need something...sometimes you are not at 15 power after plot 3^^ trading...i dont like this plot...but i only play 6 i am not a rich man;) calling the banners...6 ini and much gold reset.i was thinking about valar...but what to cut?

What are the problems of the deck? reinhards Targaryen the lord of the crossing^^European champion if you forgot it;) i dont like to play against own intrige challenge is mostly a poor one^^(with jon on board its better)the wildfire in the challenge can hurt...varys riddle has good targets....filthy is allways bad... a game of thrones is a disaster^^and i can not stop it triggering...not all the time;)ghost can help...and of course cravens...but i have to see the right cards! all other decks should be makeable;)of course you can loose games against every house...but with right play this deck can beat everything^^ some cards whitch make problems... barring the gates...only summer plots...maybe first snow...heads on spikes two time^^

what are the good things about this deck? look at my characters...i have exactly 5 targets for craven,milk ,ward...and some other stupid attechments;)5 reducers...i am waiting for the moment when a ward take my builder at the wall^^ no location...newly made lord has a calm day against me^^ what i want to say...nightmares and treachery are the most anoying cards...exept of dracarys^^this deck is not easy to control.i do my thing and you have to stop it.but are there that many options to stop it? the deck can be very quick;) you heard something about my thoughts...or you stopped reading...haha

my oponents decks at birmingham: 1.tyrell/lion 2.greyjoy fealty 3.lanni crossing 4.greyjoy crossing 5.trell/wolf(loss) 6.stark fealty 7.targ fealty 8.tyrell crossing 9.targ/kraken

top 16.lanni rains top 8.targ crossing(loss)

My oponents at dockside brothel days 1.targ crossing 2.targ/lion(loss) 3.nightswatch fealty 4.Tyrell/lion 5.lanni rains(loss) 6.lanni/watch 7.martell fealty

Top 16.targ lion Top 8.stark fealty top 4.nightswatch fealty...loss in game 3

i will end my deck report here.i can not remember all my games so i dont want to write about them.i had a very nice weekend at a brilliant tournament.i enjoyed all my games and i had very nice oponents. i am glad to met the british comunity and all the other players from europe!i hope to see all of them again;) sorry for my english.but i am not from was AUSTRIA!;)


Slycosby 14

I ran something like this at Michigan Regionals in the US. NW Summer with Jon and Grenn and Pyp for draw. I made use of Bowen Marsh and New Gift so I had lots of draw along with The Watch Has Need. I had dupes for days for Valar. Fortune didn't smile on me. I made some poor play decisions and I had really good competition, however I had loads of fun playing the deck. Cheers!

gabi4008 410

I also tried pyp and samwell for draw.but after a few games i saw that draw is not important for the deck.i removed them and just play dont need need power

gramyotron 13

I rarely comment on decks but this is something really inspiring for me. Good Job and congratulations on your result!

iaan 17

Congrats Gabriel! ^^

elenar 41

Congratulations to a fine result. Whats your opinion on the new Jon snow? He does lamost the same thing and got stealth. Or is the eye-icon too important?

gabi4008 410

Thank you!new jon snow...he does not the same;)he stands wildlings in attack...i dont play wildlings.he is not a bad card.but in this deck the old one is the better one.the new costs 7 gold.and the most important fact...he has not no milks and craven are possible

Isian.H 699

Watching your deck work at euros was awesome. I was rooting for you and your deck to win. Maybe next time!

Orion727 80

Hello Captain Team Austria, Congratulations to your fantastic showing. Reini is your bogey man and he has the advantage of being sponsored by his employer. But of course he is a well deserved champion. A pity we could not compete in the team tournament, but next year we will try. Your deck is nice to watch from the stands, but i do not want to play it again. Was the only game i did not have a chance to win.

Amoon 1

Congrats again to your great performance & finish! I can confirm the relentless speed of the deck/plot line during our top 16 match ;P Even if it cost me a spot in the top 8, i am happy to see a player having the confidence to take a 'new' deck, adding further to the diversity of the meta! Well done & looking forward to a rematch ^^

gabi4008 410

It was an honor to play ageinst you in the last round of swiss...table 1 and two austrians are playing.what you want more^^ It was shaming what my deck did to you;)never had a better start.i had nothing to do...jon alone destroyed you.sorry for this... Congratz for your result, completed the the incredible result for austria! And you got the fair play price in the top 8!respect for this!these players we need in our game!chapeau!

Orion727 80

The honor was on my side. hope we can do something similar again and i am looking forward to the next tournament.

Reim 773

What should I say are always Building amazing Decks. Last year in Stahleck Bara/Dragon (Top 16), Salzburg Regional Targaryen/Rains (2nd Place) and now in Birmingham and Utrecht (5 and 4th place) this amazing are the european deckbuilding Champion...Gratulation.

starclown 126

saw it in action at dockside, it's a great deck.

GionniNeve 1

Hello there! Congratulation for u're bog result! What do u think about insert Underground Vault?

gabi4008 410

hello.thank you!no of the good things of the deck is,that you can easy play it with 6 you have three more spaces for other cards then in most of the other change one of my limiteds...nope...i like the 0 cost roseroad.and i also like the initiative can be great,because you dont want to be first player...also i never thaught to play the great hall instead of the kingsroad...

ChannelDelibird 887

This deck's a monster and you pilot it ruthlessly well. It was a pleasure to watch it smash me into pieces.

Regards, a shellshocked Lanni/Crossing player

Dr. Panga 47

This is such a cool deck! I love Jon Snow (Core) being at the core of an aggressive deck! Congrats on your great result!

Teflononline 1

Cool deck but my eyes are bleeding watching you type things out. .... ... .... ..... ..... ..... .... ... ... .... Looks more like Morse-code than something worth reading?


Very good deck and congrats on your finish!! I am testing this out now, would you make any changes with the new pack? OR in general after the event, would you suggest adding wildfire or Valar? possibly Wildfire over clash of kings?

gabi4008 410

thank you.i definitly thougth about wildfire or valar.and yes,when you include one of them, for clash of kings.wildfire is a helps not against the really proboems;-)and my deck plays many uniques,so it can hit hard.i came to conclusion not to include wildfire. valar can help in some situations.the top 8 game in birmingham was the first game where i searched a valar in my plotdeck^^but i think i would also loss the game with it. two gold and zero claim is not what the deck wants. both are possible.but i am not sure that i include one of them. other changes are not planed with the new chapter.targaryen will be a hard match with astapor and grey worm....haha also the duell plot must be in mind.against lowcost decks it may be more clever to play only one of the bis guys^^

RDude 188

@gabi4008 Would you consider lay siege 3x instead of nightmare in the astapor/ grey worm meta?

gabi4008 410

Nightmares is to good.and i hope that not everyone is going to play targ^^general i think astapor is only in the blood of the dragon turn a big problem.this turn is just turn^^at the moment i am thinking to put a song of summer in the plotline to face the burn problem.

RDude 188

@gabi4008 I guess with a song of summer a winter festival goes

Azighal 13

this deck, now that fall of astapor is out, do you think swaping the kingsroads for the underground vault as the way to go? also kind of surprised to see no lost rangers

gabi4008 410

i think the vault is a super card for most nw decks.but i will not change the kingsroad for it.two gold to spend and maybe this round only get one gold back is to slow,i think.i will finish the game early.also i like the initiative on the kingsroad.and economy is not that important for the deck.nce to have,of course,but not necessary. i decided to play a lot of there is not so much space for characters.there where some chars i like to play.also the lost ranger would be nice.but no idea what to cut for it.i can not cut int icons...power icons are the important ones...and ghost and grenn are just better then lost ranger. the main question at the moment is what to do against targ with the blood of the dragon round,and astapor...?i want to play 6 halder in my deck...but it is ileagal i think^^

Azighal 13

@gabi4008Thanks for the responce to a older deck post. i have done a bunch of games where i used Underground Vault and it works fine and it helps a lot when i was running into the reset heavy decks. but if you are trying to finish fast i can see how kingsroad will give you that advantage. How have you been finding the deck against builders. i also made a couple of changes with my version to get a full set of rykker and swapped the builders for lost rangers. seems to work for me but still more testing is needed (swapped 1 ghost/1shadowtower mason for the rykker) and a hands judgement for a pyp. but hte hands judgement has to go back in :)

Azighal 13

i know this is an old thread but this is still an interesting deck i would like to see more play. Do you think this deck will still work in the current enviroement? and if not what do you think needs to be changed