Crow Killers are the new Robert Baratheon (Baratheon, Brothe

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ChrisChris 558

The top Baratheon player at Stahleck barely finished in the top third, and the faction made only three percent of the field. Could this be the deck that brings them back into contention? Yes.

The core of this deck is putting hard two-claim pressure on your opponent through tiny-Voltron Crow Killers. The agenda allows them to adapt to the situation with the appropriate keyword, buff with stealth from a Wildling Scout and punch the challenge through with the strength buff from a Red God's Blessing. You'll never miss Robert Baratheon carrying Lightbringer with these guys running around.

This deck also takes advantage of a few more solid, underutilized Baratheon cards: Marya Seaworth and Visited by Shadows. There's enough stealth in this deck that Marya can knock down the characters that Melisandre (Core) misses, and Visited enables greater effects from Consolidation of Power, Asshai Priestess and Saving the Kingdom.

Game, set, match.

You are welcome.

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aeovian 1

People on thronesteki are conceeding on plot 2 against this deck