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Jamie_hun 39

It's a fun deck I made a few months ago. The plan is to shutdown the opponent's power challanges completely. Now that Traitor to the Crown came out I thought I make a second try with it. It's not really competitive and have weaknesses, but it's fun to play and can make suprises.

Plots: Not much suprise here, mainly summer/winter plots to trigger the White Raven The gold plots are self-explanatory, you want many things on the field so Valar hurts. The close call is mainly for big chars or flea bottom targets and wildfire for some cleaning and getting back your attachments. I was considering The King's Peace, was good against some decks but not good enough. Icon-strip: Traitor to the Crown ; Condemned ; Dornish Spy ; Nymeria Sand

Minus in Power challange: Kingswood Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) Shutdown with Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken if possible.

If everything goes well you can steal power icon on all big chars and the small ones will suffer from the minuses.

Be careful, because ravens and kingswood are sacrificed for both attacking and defending loss so you have to attack carefully since Kingswood reduce only while defending and watch for Stannis as well. Definetely easier to confuse the opponent if you are playing in real life because online you can see all minuses.

Other chars: Mainly to defend power challange and maybe win some on your own. There are some good power defenders and 1 stealth.

Dominance: Key to win all the time, hence the 3x [The Iron Throne] ; (/card/01038) Edric Storm and Traitor to the Crown helps a lot. I started with 2 throne, but if Ravens don't stick around long you need that throne ASAP to benefit from it.

Of course it's hard to get everything together and if you lose a power challange, means that you lose all ravens and kingswood. Well it is bad, but you can shuffle them in with isle of ravens, or jump the raven in with flea bottom and return to hand with the Orphan of the Greenblood It's extreme but can help to find a way out.

The deck is in a testing phase but I am posting it because I am curious about your feedback and maybe we can make it better ;)

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