Winter Festival Winner (76 players)

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Classic Pre-Deluxe Martell (26 ppl winner) 4 3 1 2.0

academo 545

Hi all. This is the only deck i can play properly in this game. I finished the swiss with a score of 4-2 (15th) and then i won every game, even in the side event. Douring the all WE this deck had a score of 11-2. Matchups: Tyrell Crossing (L), Greyjoy Castamere (W), Tyrell Castamere (W), Greyjoy Crossing (W), Tyrell Castamere (W), Targ Crossing (L), Targ Crossing (W), Stark Fealty (W), NW Wolf (W), Targ Castamere (W).If u have any question about the deck or a particular matchup feel free to ask.


Mario57 131

Congrats Fabiano!! Why do you always play Martell without secret schemes?

FedericoFasullo 15

sexy as always

Dax 126


gabi4008 415

Congrats.nice to see martell fealty winning in a very strong italian meta.interessting deck choices.i would be intetessted how you manage to play your political seems difficult because you mostly need to play all 7 plots,or not?and your locations ar pretty important i think.

King Nothing 1

Hi! Congratulations!

How worked Valar Doheaeris for you?

well done!

academo 545

Secret Schemes is a great card, but is a control card and this deck is an aggro one, even if it can play like a control deck for a turn or two. Disaster is a bad card for this deck but is somehow needed. I think that the strongest deck, beside Tyrell Cast, in the current metagame is the one that abuse of flea bottom and builder combo with a lot of reset and cheap stuff. The only way to win that MU is disaster their duplicate and then play Pyromancers. In the other MU is going to hurt you but the deck can recover pretty easily (flea and a fiefdom is often enough if u have a solid Areo chain). Valar Doheaeris is a great card for this deck. If u are ahead it's a reset that doesn't hurt you and if you are behind u can recover (the deck can handle one big drop preatty easily). Morgulis, instead, can lose you some game, expecially versus the already mentioned flea bottom nw deck.

NerferNazgul 232

what do you think is the problems of this deck and why? bad mu?

academo 545

Targ Crossing is not a great MU because it's really fast in the powergrab. Often they will reach 15 before you can enstablish a good Areo chain. Every deck that doesn't need to win a challenge in order to win the game is usually a bad MU, even if this deck has his weapon versus NW the wall and Bara dominance. Fleabottom decks that play without board and with great recursion from the discard pile (NW Wolf, Targ NW, NW Lannister) are also a bad MU.

tonywok 2

Have you tried Duel or The Red Wedding in this deck?

I've been playing something similar off and on, but haven't updated with Archmaester's Key.

Congrats on the success!

academo 545

Duel was in the first version of the deck, but when flea came out the second marched to the wall took his place. Too much of a sinergy with Areo. I'm not a big fan of the red wedding, expecially in this deck, because the initiative is too low.

Hastur 1

Very pleasant deck, congrats! I just begin in Martell, so can u explain in a few word "Areo chain" combo? Thanks

Don Drogo 1

Hi why that many Venomous Blade ?

What do you think about adding a faceless man to get a new Arianne or Nimeria or a good character from your opponent ?

academo 545

Venomous blade is the main star of the deck. U are always happy to see the first copy of it, maybe even a second one. I play three of them because i want to see one of it asap. Faceless man is not worth. He takes only the icon and the trait of Nym and Arianne, not the text. Big Arianne would be a great card for this deck but core arianne is the reason why this deck work so well, so no change accepted.