Hyper Viper updated version Dec'17 - Store Champion Winner

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Matamagos 72

Updated version of the viper combo. Managed to win a small store tournament of just 12 players, but among them was the Stahleck 2017 champion Martí Foz playing the same list that won in Germany, and the viper was able to beat it. The last of the games in the tournament was pretty insane, managing to reach 3 challange at 140 STR as early as round two, and coming from a setup of exactly 0 cards....

The new list plays the Knight of Flowers tech, which allow us to speed up things and enables consistent round 3 combo's, and some round 2. Loras needs to hit the table before we can recycle our Dragon's Tail's and other events in the Annals turn, so sometimes we will not have him when needed and the Long Plan is still necessary.

Mag the Mighty is also a more effective way to increase STR alongside Renly's Ride, and he can also jump into the table on round 1 or 2 to make a block and delay the renowns of our opponent. I prefer to still run a Golden Crown just to have a plan B.

The Courtier is also a very good addition. and opens us a combo turn where we can use the Viper to block and defend in case we lose initiave, because we may have several standing effects in play. The Courtier is exposed to First Snows of Winter and Blood of the Dragon, so I think a Seal of the Hand is still mandatory. The new list can perfectly combo in front of Weapons at the Door, which is a big improvement from previous lists. And we still have a 2nd Annals just in case.

If any change, we maybe can do without the Tourney Grounds in favor of more protection pieces, a third Courtisan or a third Renly's Ride, but the list works pretty well as it is.


Harren 289

This deck is really strong, unless you have a silver bullet, it can be really difficult to stop. The answers to the deck come basically in the form of plots:

  • Your King Commands It

  • Support of the Faith

  • Forgotten Plans

These three totally stop the combo. Other plots that might be useful:

  • Weapons at the Door

  • First Snow of Winter

  • Barring the Gates

Some of these 6 plots are really good for other matchups and depending on your deck you can include one or two of them.

In conclusion, the deck is really strong and consistenly comboes at turn 3, sometimes even 2, but the answers are there.

Congrats on my friend Matamagos in his latest attempt to break the game ;)

Matamagos 72

Today we have far more card choices for the deck than some months ago, so we have several possible lists. Crown of Golden Roses saves us from Your King Commands It, but gets hit by Weapons at the Door. Renly’s Ride is completely the opposite, so we have to run them both and just decide in which proportion.

Supporting the Faith is more difficult to bypass. We would need at least one Tourney Grounds (preferably more) and play Dornishman’s Wife in the challenge phase. Even here we will have a very low economy in challanges, just 2 or 3 gold, so In Doran’s Name would be a serious addition if this plot becomes popular.

Forgotten Plans completely destroys us. No possible scape rout here. We need to defend this round and try to combo in the next through our second Annals of Castle Black. Sometimes if we keep You Murdered Her Children in hand we can even combo without Annals, but it’s a very rare case.

To make place to new pieces we can maybe try to restrict His Viper Eyes to a single copy, and “accidentally” miss it during the initial shuffling and through the card on the table. Some opponents will become paranoid and decline to attack us in military and power fearing the event, so we will have more time to stablish a strong board at the cost of just a single slot in the deck.