Taste the (near) Rainbow! (Targaryen, Conclave)

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ChrisChris 427

I have a dream. I dream of a day when men and women of every faction find themselves united under a single banner; when the champion is representative of all the people of Westeros, the highborn and low, strong and weak, wise and foolish alike; when cards of every color of the rainbow (except purple and violet because this isn't L5R) are shuffled in one's deck.

But until Lannister get a maester you want to play out of faction and until Stark get a better maester, this is the best we can do. I give to you a Conclave deck for a faction with no native maesters.

This is a pure Daenerys Voltron deck. All of her dragons are tripped, and Pyat Pree and Citadel Novices help her find her titles. Not much can stand long against a fully kitted Daenerys that is pumped by Breaker, participates in three challenges, and has stealth, insight and renown. Maybe a Milk or Craven, but that's what Maester Cressen and Viserys Targaryen (Core) are for. Maybe intimidate or kneel, but that's for Magister Illyrio and Maester of Starfall to handle.

Probably don't let her die. Then you're in trouble.

Otherwise keep cycling those Dracarys!, lay waste to all those who oppose the Queen's rightful rule, and anticipate the release of Unburnt, Mhysa and Khaleesi to complete the Voltron.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.

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