Targ Fealty Burn

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scantrell24 3250

First draft. All the burn is here - Blood of the Dragon, Dany, Grey Worm, Unsullied, Stormcrows, Crown of Gold, Plaza of Punishment, Astapor, Dragon Is No Slave, Consuming Flames, and Dracarys.


MiSiO 273

I like Your approach. Daario Naharis is nice to have (why no Second Sons to stand?). I in general agree with most choices You did. I would go for Irri and Grey Worm x1 but with Plaza of Pride there are no dead cards in hand.

linkingverbs 186

I'd consider Trade Routes. It has been killer in my Targ Fealty build.

scantrell24 3250

@MiSiOSecond Sons were a last-second cut to make room for Stormcrows for more burn, but they might come back into the list. I wanted 2x Irri to always threaten standing Dany.

@linkingverbsTrade Routes is worth a shout, I'd forgotten about it when looking at econ plots, thanks.

Theobald_RyanStockholm 8

Is Flea Bottom worth it without Second Sons? Though I guess it's great to bring the dragons in for a Dracarys!. And I think Trade Routes is better than Summer Harvest, especially because you have Time of Plenty as an opener.

MiSiO 273

It is. Remember that Plaza of Pride and Consuming Flames cost cards You can put into play with Plaza of Pride.

s2slamuel 21

Yea I believe there's absolutely no reason not to have second sons in a Targ deck especially if it has Flea Bottoms. I can see fancy Stormcrow plays but do not believe it is at all comparable to the raw power of Flea Bottom/Second Sons. I haven't played your deck either but there's not even .01% of me that thinks "I like where this deck is at and can't cut anything for Second Sons" that card is all to valuable in my personal opinion.

Theobald_RyanStockholm 8

I tried this deck out and first game went very well. What I changed: – Summer Harvest + Trade Routes – Bodyguard + Second Sons . Played against Bara and just burned through everything. They got up to 7 power but only because of chair+table combo. Also, I forgot to use Fealty all game. Just realized that. So, it would have gone even better.

MiSiO 273

I would cut Jorah x1 and Irri x1. I do not like dupes on characters like this.

I have Trade Routes in mine instead of Summer Harvest. More reliable.

Miller 1

This is a strong deck but a tedious one as well,especially for the opponent.