Niggets! 6-0 in GNK tourney

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AssortedNeedles 15

This is a Tyrell Knight deck that I went 6-0 with in the local Q4 kit tournament. Instead of being a real rush deck like other other knight decks, this deck rather aims to win by controlling the game. Having a board full of knights all with reknown and high strength can really lock the opponent up and force him to use his resets earlier then he might want to. This deck has both great economy and draw, using all those pleasure barges and The Mander. Multiple times I lost like 8 characters to Valar, only to very comfortably rebuild my board afterwards.

It can definitely put some pressure with the Name Day Tourney and Lady Sansa's Rose, and after you know that the opponent used his reset, you can fill the entire board with knights and use A Tourney for the King. The star of the deck is of course the Green-Apple Knight, If you go first he can participate in 3 challenges with high strength.

The summer agenda combined with the economy locations give a really solid economy. Both Duel and Valar Dohaeris serve as great options to control the opponent characters. Maybe the second Time of Plenty could be something else, but is in general a very nice plot to have I think.

If I were to make any changes I would probably include a third copy of "Lord Renly's Ride" and maybe 1 copy of Horn Hill.

Probably the deck has quite some bad matchups vs a really reset heavy martell deck, or a Targ burn deck, but luckily I didn't have to face those.

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