Go! Go! Power Rangers! (Night's Watch, Crossing)

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ChrisChris 950

You know what? This really isn't that different from scantrell's NW Crossing RUSH deck (https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/10641/nw-crossing-rush-2.0). They're Crossing decks trying to push the Haunted Forest Scouts with Longclaw in all three challenges. The big difference is my use of core Jon and a larger character base where he uses Shadow Tower Mason and more attachments and locations.

His deck might even be better (probably not because I have spicy Nightmares to blank your own Scouts for surprise renown defense), but my deck deserves your likes and favorites and the front page more. Why? Because I bother with a cool name. Down with scantrell's utilitarian naming conventions. Up with references to childhood television that really wasn't that good even then.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


Spirit_Bear 1

Looks fun... I'm gonna test this tonite :P

Kingnothing 1

I have a Ranger deck with Hod and the haunted forest scouts doing very fine there. But it is not a really fast deck. I like your idea and this is why you get my like (and I will try it also) :-)

scantrell24 3263

Good lord that deck name is perfect. When I win the Atlanta SC in a few weeks I'm prepared to steal it shamelessly for my tournament report.

ChrisChris 950


gramyotron 13

I love Moon Gates in NW. In deck build such as this where your locations are mainly for Econ you should play it x3 and could even consider playing Political Disaster. This is not a rush, rather a great Power Grab, when all pieces are on the board (Scout, Grenn, Longclaw), so a well placed Disaster can hurt your enemies really bad.

Back to the Moon Gates. I just love when all those hard designed Martell decks are going "WTF", when they "0 Roseroads, all 4G plots" decks suddenly give my Vaults a perfect +2 each round.

ironlix 1

haha, i have one deck built like this with the same name! Wahaha, i blame it on watching too much PR with my nephew and niece on Netflix!

Kakita_Shiro 778

Why wouldn't you give Jon Snow (Core) the Longclaw?

Oak 1

@Kakita_Shiro I believe that is so you can actually defend with him and not be hurt by Valar Dohaeris. Granted you might keep Jon alive for longer with dupes but the scouts are the ones to keep alive.

HelioIt 1

If you want to use a good deck Tyrell, look at this game that I have spent a tournament in Spain, it is a deck of Brienne to win in a single turn!

Share if you like it!


spellfire 1

Got wrecked against a Tyrell Knight Crossing deck - plenty of money, but couldn't do anything to stop singleton summer-tanned renowned Knights (buffed with Pavilions, Lances and whatever else) from rushing towards victory.

Neonwolf 1

Any updates to this with the new packs?