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Veknus 2

Hi guys....I was trying this deck at my local store tournament and and I am a bit lost for words....with this deck....there are a lot of things with this deck that I did not expect to work...

The heavy attachment is something not to be underestimated. Being able to lock down and pinned down major characters really helps....As for the characters I didn't give it a second thought of thinking because all I wanted was characters Renown and yes 'The Bastard of Godsgrace' was an afterthought....

As for the Roseroad I traded one in for the Gates of the moon...thingy x2...The only major downside to this deck is the lack of card draw....and it was sadly I had to sacrifice a bit for more stable fighting power.

As for the plots, I found that 'The King's Peace' has became a bit of a stall card against some players on turn 1/2. As for a econ plots, Late Summer Feast was something I had to let go in trade of 'Pentoshi or Time of Plenty'

Please try, tweak, tinker and feedback is always helpful....

Again thank you from Australian local player base.

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