Get Huge (Stark, Conclave)

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ChrisChris 950

Conclave has problems. You have to dedicate a fifth of your deck to low-strength and characters who generally can't take advantage of in-faction economy and are susceptible to First Snow. In order to activate the agenda you have to win a challenge with one of the aforementioned low-strength characters, many of whom you'd rather kneel for their unique effects, generally the most powerful aspect of the trait. The card advantage is minimal as there is no action within the agenda that allows you to draw the switched card.

But what if that last part wasn't a missed opportunity? What if it were all part of the plan? It's Called Into Service's time to shine! Get some card and economic advantage when you swap that eight-cost, eight-strength King Robb's Host to the top of your draw deck before flipping Called. Blammo!

To balance out all of those low-strength maesters, Stark brings its swollest, baddest bodies with a dash of Mance and Mag to menace its opponents. Fun fact: Mag's forced reaction can trigger Robb to give your Stark renown bodies another go at it, and bum rush 10 power in one challenge phase.

Need to clear up your opponent's board a bit? Switch to a more agro style with Mag and Dreadfort Maesters putting the pressure on your opponent.

Do note that this particular flavor of Conclave is possible in every faction and has some sweet targets in Baratheon, Greyjoy and Tyrell but is best in those factions with an eight-drop army.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


Robertschaefer 1

Greensight agenda is a serious problem for Conclave, particularly this deck where two agenda slots are used for Called into Service. Oh! So you've used Conclave to place a character on top of your deck? Looks like I will mill it prior to flipping the next plot card!

ChrisChris 950

That’s not an issue, fortunately. Greensight triggers at the beginning of the draw phase, after Called Into Service has already dropped King Robb’s Host.

ChannelDelibird 998

This is a great example of why I love Conclave so very, very much. Thanks for posting!

Daigelmir 1

I really like how you actually made The Conclave so much a viable agenda with this deck. I have a question though, what is the use of The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due here? Am I missing something?