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ChrisChris 994

It’s taken years and at least one cycle with dedicated thought given to making Conclave a real thing. Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of that vote so many years ago. You thought Bitterbridge Encampment was a good way to put characters into play? You thought Fire Made Flesh was an efficient way to play the biggest dragons? You haven’t seen nothing yet.

The conceit is simple. Move a dragon or other seven-drop to the top of your deck through Conclave triggers, follow it up with Called Into Service. Maybe a Beggar King trigger too? That’s an effective 11 gold. Kablammo. Value.

And you know what makes burn even better? An additional seven-card pseudo hand that Marwyn can pull from. That’s hot.


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Marco Martell 70

I have built something similar recently independently because "an additional seven-card pseudo hand that Marwyn can pull from" is hot indeed. I chose 6 another plots and little versions of dragons from most important differences. Now testing it.