Tyrions gold, Danys fire and lots of bloooood

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gillyn 22

New Dany + Tyrion + A dragon is no slave is a very spicy combo. Greyworm with a dragon makes it even better as no one dares to oppose the challenge. Shadowblack lane makes it faster to draw them events.


IonGrey 1

Funny, I'm currently testing a decklist that's almost exactly the same as this. However there are a few significant differences:

  1. Why so many dragons? New dany is no longer stormborn, so I don't think the dragons are as effective here.
  2. What do you think about cards like Taena Merryweather or Joffrey Baratheon (Core) or Funeral Pyre that further take advantage of Targ events/burn?
  3. In the new Martell-heavy meta, is it wise to have three 6-costers? I am always afraid of Duel.

Would appreciate your feedback :)

gillyn 22

  1. JJust because she isnt stormbirn the dragons are not useless, they are there to trigger dracarys, and reccur dragon is no slave, also they can be used for claim soak and then revived with fire and blood and trigger dany in the process. With new dany you can build without them but that doesnt mean you have to or always should. Maybe you can take away some them to make space, but they have a purpouse.
  2. I think they are all great suggestions that fits well in this deck!
  3. Never ever been hit by duel and never hit someone with duel. Maybe it will get more popular and then its a problem that needs to be adressed then :) you can change jaime and drogo for some of the cards you mentioned in point 2. But they are a very benificial all around great pair.