SJthrones Live Deckbuild: Sand Steed + 58 Cards

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linkingverbs 191

We built this deck live and played a few games with it on stream. We'd like to post this list for those who tuned in with us, and for anyone who'd like to give this a spin. We thought it was pretty fun.

Link to Stream:

Just load up your characters with power though renown/ Lady Sansa's Rose / Knight of the Reach / Name Day Tourney / A Tourney for the King then dump it all on your house card with Compelled by the Faith.

Martell has gotten a bunch of great knight characters in the last few packs + box, but the one card that was mandatory = Sand Steed...the rest was filler....

Darkstar (Km) provides some great utility to the Tyrell Knight theme, and Shandystone actually proved to be super useful here with standing renown bodies.

After the stream we made the following changes before posting:
-1 The Bastard of Godsgrace for +1 Darkstar (Km)
-1 House Florent Knight for +1 "Lord Renly's Ride"

Try it out. We'd love feedback and we'll be revisiting this deck for future streams.


TheBroFromHeaven 25

Nice deck and good vid :D

MeatLoafX 22

I had a lot of fun during SC season running a Tyrell/Sun knights deck with the sand steeds and the event Change of Plans. Those steeds can gain power quickly. Thanks for posting and thanks for the stream!

SJthrones 1

Thank you @TheBroFromHeaven & @MeatLoafX!

I did want Change of Plans and still do but James talked me out of it. Calling you out, James. Will try to fit it in after a few more games.

Alber21 1

Ser Cletus(Knight) for domain the initiative? This character for plot Compelled for the faith is good .Opponent Valar Dohaeris win iniciative,with Cletus no problem. X1, -1Ser Robar?.... Last night i saw 2 matches live in the ironthrone. Great job. Congratulations

linkingverbs 191

@Alber21 thank you!

Cletus can be a good consideration. I think before cutting Robar we may be more inclined to just remove Arbor Queen. With Compelled by the faith we don’t necessarily need 3 Robar for the saves, but would definitely like to see him.