Targaryen LotC HJ Top 16 Euros Joust - All the Restricted Ca

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Targaryen LotC - Battle of Blackwater Top 8 2018 2 2 2 1.0

Stormborn 301

Top 16 deck at FFG Euros 2018.

Built using as many Melee restricted cards as possible. It’s essentially a Targaryen Rush deck which aims to get to 15 power as quickly as possible.

I would swap Compelled by the Faith for Marched to the Wall. I would swap the song events for Nightmares.


jcwamma 2696

Congrats on the great showing! When people see a Targ deck makes the top 16, I somehow don't think their builds will be in line with your's, but you've proven time and time again how effective they are and how strong you are with them. Needs more Qotho/Missandei though ;)

Stormborn 301

Thanks for your comments James - you are literally the best! I agree that Qotho and Missandei are awesome, if I was to up one to 3x. It would probably be Missandei (repacing Doreah and Jhiqui) who makes opponents intrigue challenges more palatable.

sirkamlot 1

I've been watching yours last 3 matches and your deck piloting and made decissions was absolutely amazing. Deck is totally metashaking. Well done

Reader 137

Great work Matt

Stormborn 301

Thanks @sirkamlot. I had some great games. The biggest problem was the defensive renown (even in int) in the Tyrell games and that first challenge being-1.

celric 399

If the point is to rush as fast as possible Dracarys! could be removed for more burst. With all your 1 gold events, people would still play around it.

Stormborn 301

That’s a good point @celric.

celric 399

Congrats on the great finish!

hagarrr 584

You're crazy Matt! Congrats on the great finish :D

Stormborn 301

Cheers @hagarrr