Danys Red Door Exodia lite - London Regional Winner

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Stormborn 301

Instructions: Shuffle up your Red Door Locations - Skahazadan, Punishment and Mereen and offer them to your opponent to randomly choose one to start with. In my 7 games, I believe got Skaz and Mereen once & Punishment the other 5 times.

I opened Summer Harvest in 6/7 games, it’s off course risky but it paid off every game. I thought about replacing it with Time beforehand but stuck to Harvest in the end.

The semi final against Tyrell Wars was very close. Tiggles got to 14 power before I won so on another day, he would have won.

Louie beat me in swiss with Lanni Crossing.

The other victories were against Sam (final), Alex, Zimmer, Joe H & Dave.

Queen Dany is fantastic but core Dany is my favourite. If you a competitive player and try this deck then feel free to play 2x Queen and 1x Core.


London #UK


zack 126


hagarrr 579

Congratulations Matt. However.....

Needs more Rakharo.