[2nd at French Nat]Daenerys and her Queensguard

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Steedy Wonders - Winner @Late Summer Feast & Galway Regional 42 22 33 1.0
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Toomagic 109

Hi everyone ! First deck I'm posting here, mainly for the italians players who came to the French National, it was so nice of you to come, I hope I'll see you again soon (maybe for the Winter Festival who knows...). Especially Lucas for the good laugh during the game and Davide for the top Stark !

There are many french players and organizers that I would like to thank but I'll do it on the french forum otherwise it would be endless...

So, up to the point, this deck is based on the cards I thought were the worst cards (ie Queensguard and Qohor) but Nimer showed me the way during the Late Summer Feast with is magnificient build. Which inspired this deck. The principle is quite easy, you put Khal Drogo on the board with Queensguard, and do 3 challenges, take renown and everything. This task is easier with Drogo's Arakh. But since you can't be sure to see Khal every game, you must put another option to keep your power safe (I mean loyal and more than 4 cost). So, the only other option in Targ' is the True Queen herself. Problem, no Queensguard on the queen. Solution, Seal of the Hand/Rhaegal for the stand and Drogon/Warrior's braid for the fama.

Now this deck is really strong and resilient because you have a lot of save (bodyguard, dup and Blood Magic Ritual), a lot of draw (Daenerys, Doreah and Meereen) and of course the Qohor in itself which allows you to fetch the solution in your deck. The toughness was a really nice surprise.

The plotline is quite easy to understand : Time of Plenty for opening, Exchange of information to fetch any attachment and a Blood Magic Ritual, Trade routes to marshall or to save your char with the event, The King in the North to ignore all those mean control decks, The First Snow because it's fun against low cost curve and you can have quite the fun with Breaker of chains, The Withering Cold because of all my standing and Valar Dohaeris because I only need my tower and 1 or 2 little guys to prevent marched and mil.

I lost at te time limit to a Martell that pulled a 10 power on 1 chall and I would have won next turn, to a Targ LotC that had the best start possible and I missplayed, and twice to the finalist, the first game because of my setup and draw and the second because I missplayed and didn't think of the tricks that could be done at the moment. Too bad for me. A better player would have been able to do so much more.

Well I hope some people will be playing this deck and have as much fun as I did this week-end.

Ciao !


zack 126

gg Toomagic, wonderful deck and super solid performance at the Nationals (well, as usual :-P)

Nimer 2598

Well done and very interesting build! Targ Qohor/Alliance-Qohor also received a huge boost with Meereense Market so I bet we'll see more of them. Glad to read that my version inspired this amazing deck. See you soon I hope, and thanks for sharing!

Toomagic 109

Thanks to both of you. Chapter 4 was not released for the National and I also think it's a huge boost for Qohor and it's not done yet !

argento 518

Amazing deck and player.

celric 399

LOVE the Blood Magic Ritual to save immediately and then get a useful attachment later. Beautiful build decision.

Toomagic 109

Thanks, this was suggested by a pal from Lyon during sparring ! The funniest thing is saving Jorah, then winnning a chall with him, skipping the forced reaction and getting the renown anyway ^^

hagarrr 579

Congratulations on finishing 2nd at French Nats! I really like the look of this deck, but I would be tempted to make some changes to it. Have you had time to evaluate which cards you would cut from the deck, and if so, what are they?

Stormborn 301

Wow, I've just come across this deck. It's amazing. I never thought Queensguard and Dany could work in the same deck.

Toomagic 109

@hagarrrthank you, I think some changes would be really great for the deck with the new restrict and Meereenese market. I think a place shold be made for 2 markets at least while cuting a Plaza of pride and a Beggar king I think. But I haven't played since the Championship so my opinion may be a little bit biased...

@Stormbornthanks a lot ! It works thanks to the Seal, 3 cost attachement are awesome this way !