martell deus vult - Winner of the Champions of Westeros Fall

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nikotinlaus 599

So this is the Martell Faith Militant deck I have played now for a while and went 11:0 in the Online League. Its a pretty straightforward reset/stall deck. Reset the board, starve your opponents out of card and then close out the game when the opponent cant cope with it anymore. The agenda is more of an alibi, I prefer playing with 7 plots over 10 since I can get to my limit 1 plots faster again and the other mono-faction agendas dont really do much for me either. This agenda is quite good at slowing the opponent down early game and makes me able to close out the game faster lategame.


Palpa 1

Gl├╝ckwunsch! two questions on the plots: why do you play uneasy truce without paasive power gain and do you play the bloody flux when expecting valar or for other reasons?

Azighal 13

using uneasy truce allows him to delay the game a turn so he can find his reset answers

Gerion Lannister 241

@Palpa Flux is here for Varys also. :)

Gerion Lannister 241

Congratz Jannis! It is nice to see that Martells in your hands are still on fire. :)

r480 134

Can you tell us what were your pairings? Have you faced Free Folk, GJ with Vince Gods or Xing decks recently? Thnx and grats on your winning.

Lannister 363

Congrats mate! Saw your game vs one of my mates. How do you reckon this deck would work with time limit?

nikotinlaus 599

@PalpaTruce is just a stalling tool as Azighal said, usually played turn 2 when I have very little boardpresence. works super good with 4 cost Nymeria, opponent is not getting power for dom but she still triggers. bloody flux is great with varys, venemous blade and big arianne. it rarely backfires because there is not much I could save in the first place. @r480 I dont remember all of my pairings to be honest since the league spread over the last 12 weeks. I did not face free folk in the league but beat it against random dudes. against greyjoy you need to either check their hand with vipers eyes for vince dude in advance or have a begging brother ready to get varys through. I played quite a lot against crossing in the tourney, mostly out of tyrell and stark and the deck can handle it quite well overall the deck got harder to play especially against stark because of meera recently so I would consider that now a bad matchup

nikotinlaus 599

@LannisterWhen it comes to time limit the main factor unfortunately is most of the time how fast my opponent plays. Usually the deck needs 6-8 plots to get to 15 and leads in power 1-2 plots before already. Considering that the boards are usually small and therefore the math is pretty easy games should only go to time when one of the players plays super slow.

Tavoittamaton 19

What's your plan for the new RL? I'm guessing FB > Breaking Ties, would you swap it for Duel or another Marched?

mercenary_captain 1

mercenary_captain 1

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