Winner Barna Dohaeris

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Winner Russian National 2018 8 3 6 1.0

Harren 361

First of all I would like to praise and thank the organization team of the event. It was absolutely awesome and I strongly recommend you to come to Barcelona next year, you will have great fun. And secondly I would like to say that I really enjoyed the tournament and that it is a pleasure and a privilege to do this surrounded by friends. To win is nice, but to have fun and be amongst friends is much better. HAIL TO THE OLD GUARD!

Sorry but I cannot remember the pairings too well so I will not report them, 11 matches are a lot and I am getting old but I will make some comments on the deck if someone is interested. The good thing is that I run 0 restricted cards so the deck is still playable.


2 economy plots, nearly always open with Noble Cause. Trade Routes to replenish the board after a reset.

Forced March is just brutal, lots of 2 cost shenanigans to take full advantage of the plot, including the crappy Salty Navigators. I am considering to add a second copy of the plot.

The King in the North, a really good plot, however now everybody has kings (except Martell or NW but there weren’t a lot and I never crossed one) and was not an impactful plot during the tournament. Maybe I will change it for a second Forced or a Weapons at the Door (Qohor is so strong right now) depending on the new meta.

Valar Morghulis, my reset, won me a lot of games, sometimes even in turn 1. Do not hesitate to play it when you have the opportunity, be aggresive with it.

Supporting the Faith is an absolutely key plot against Targaryen, it really wrecks their turn and I was expecting a lot of them. Ideally play it in the Blood of the Dragon turn.

Nothing Burns like the Cold, really good plot also in this deck as you can leverage it with the Newly Made Lords and the We do not Sow. Key in a lot of moments also. Lots of times can even be your opener.

The plot deck is the thing that I am more proud and satisfied with, it worked the whole day, you have a tool for nearly every situation.



I would just comment on the few things that stand out.

3 Old Victarion, he is so good, ok there is Breaking Ties but it is definetly worth the risk in my opinion. A true MVP the whole day.

2 Salty Navigators, they are crap I know, but i wanted to maximize my Forced March and I didn’t want to play 2-costers with 1 STR with so many Targs.

1 Hagen’s Daughter, not so convinced about her, not important during the day, maybe Aeron (Core) would have been a better choice.

The rest I think are self-explanatory. Just let me say that Drowned God Fanatics are SO GOOD. They put GJ at a whole another level.


The usual suspects, maybe I regret the Iron Victory, was useless in nearly all the matches, however to save Victarion discarding to power and gain another one is hilarious. The Iron Fleet Scouts where absolutely key, I strongly reccomend to never cut them. Same goes for Great Kraken, always so key.


Important for more King characters to run the plot, some mil and power grab, protection for burn and more possibilities to stop Rattleshirt.


Usual stuff here, no big changes, how good is to play We do not Sow with Fealty in the Supporting the Faith turn. I considered Pay the Iron Price as it is a really good meta call but I like to play always 3x and 1 copy in a deck that doesn’t draw is too random for me.

I think it is a very solid and stable deck, but it is not flashy or out-of-the box. It is fun and you can adapt to a lot of different situations, I love mid-range decks and this defnitely is. If someone has questions do not hesitate to ask. Thanks to everybody.




Axel690 368

Best player I have faced by far. Congrats mate!

Chote 1

My question is: how did you managed to scape from that heads on spikes????!!!!!

Congrats!!!! You're the best player I know :)

pumiketo 1

Primero quería decirte felicidades por el torneo !!!!!

Mi pregunta es la siguiente.... ¿ echaste de menos en algún momento las pesadillas o las leche de amapola ? . Sobre todo con tanto targa que nos encontramos en el torneo. Gracias !

Harren 361

Thank you @Axel690, I was so lucky in hour Top16 match. Thanks @Chote, I don't know how, I had Asha, Euron and Risen in hand and you picked the Risen :)

Gracias@pumiketola verdad es que contra Targaryen no, el mazo va muy metado contra ellos ya y no es mal pairing, me hubiera venido bien contra Tyrell la leche pero es que no cabe y antisinergiza con el Nothing Burns que es una trama clave. Sobre las pesadillas nunca me han gustado para un mid-range, prefiero incorporar soluciones permanentes como el We do not Sow o el propio Valar.

kaikou 688

Congratulations @Harren. The deck is very solid (as always) and I know you have been testing it for long time. You deserved the tournament so far because you are the endurance champion ^_^.

Here are my questions: 1- Why did you include 1 copy of Iron Victory? Does it have any inner sinergy or just for the valar interaction? 2- Why Noble Cause over other economy plots?

Thank you very much friend.

Harren 361

Thank you @kaikou. Regarding your questions:

1.-The copy was there to take advantage of the interaction with Drowned God Fanatic, you try to kill, you save and you claim power and also to give STR to Victarion. However, it was useless all the tournament and I would swap it for Grey Ghost probably.

2.- The other economy plots, are or too risky (Summer Harvest), you give a card to your opponent (Time of Plenty) or you give money to your opponent (Trading with the Pentoshi). Noble Cause is quite stable as I run a lot of Lords and Asha x3 and I wasn't expecting Martell with At Prince Doran's Behest + Naval. I am also considering to swap it for Peace and Prosperity but I am not sure about it (only 2 attach, I do not always want to play the locations first turn, etc...)

Hope to see you in Stahleck!

SpiriT 177

Great deck, congrats on your victory!

After playing this few times I'm really confused on how do you play long term, It seems by something like turn 4 there are no cards in hand and no way to replenish if you didn't get Asha or Kraken. Did you usually save cards and not play them out baiting resets? Never had to use trade routes as I've had nothing I couldn't afford.

Harren 361

Thank you @SpiriT. I see what you mean and sometimes it is right. One good trick is to save Littlefinger on your hand to replenish with a Trade Routes. Always use Great Kraken and Reader to draw and as you say the key is to art to bait the resets and save key cards for example bait the reset with Balon and Victarion and save Euron or Asha. About Trade Routes a good think can be to swap it for a secon copy of Supporting.

Kvothe- 1

Congrats Mate! You know I didn't run GJ in Barna Dohaeris because I was thinking we weren't in a good spot in front of Targaryen, Tyrell and Stark or even Free Folk, but you are a Kraken Beast!!!!! Let's see with our box and unlimited economy what can we do ;) We do not sow!