Winner Russian National 2018

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Winner Barna Dohaeris 10 4 9 1.0
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higf 124 We didn’t have In Daznak’s Pit this tournament. I was going to play Tyrell Wars before, but my Tyrell deck became not strong after restrict. And I like this deck - Many thanks Harren! I made replaces, which he offered, and I took second The Reader, becouse I did not have enough draw in tests. The games against Targ HRD Meereen were very hard.


Harren 356

Congrats! I love the 2x The Reader XD

higf 124

@Harren Thanks! I am testing version with A Pinch of Powder now

Martozar 216

@higf Congrats, Igor! :)

higf 124


King Nothing 1

@higfdo you think pinch of powder will change a lot here? How is it doing for you? Will you pay for it and do you have enough gold, or just use the combo?

higf 124

@King Nothing I think, not a lot. I add 2, replace crown and Iron Victory. And 3 Raider from Pyke instead 2 Salty Navigator and 1 Stony Shore Raider. I don’t play Pinch for money, only one time.