The Vince That Was Promised - Top 4 Australian Nationals

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Spicy Greyjoy Good Stuff - Winner German Nationals 2018 42 29 13 1.0
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fayezm 45

I've been playing some form of Crossing for a while now, so when I saw Spicy Greyjoy Goodstuff win the German nationals, I figured there must be something in that list that gave it the edge.

This list is based on the German national winner with a few changes made to suit my playstyle. It went 4-1 in the Swiss rounds, with the only loss to a Targ Crossing deck and lost in the top 4 to a Free Folk deck.

Memorable plays on the day:

  • Vincing things left right and centre, and cheeky plays to get that third crossing challenge off or just to win dom
  • Round 2 against a NW Alliance Targ Qohor deck that had me on the ropes, weapons on the door turn with the single copy of Nighttime Marauders making an appearance and having my opponent discard his entire hand of 5+ cards
  • Using one of the spices to bounce back a chud on a Supporting the the faith plot to have enough gold to blow up the 6-cost wall

MVP would have to be Theon but I supposed it was lucky there was minimal burn and I only faced one stark opponent

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mplain 213

Hi! Why do you not play Great Halls and maybe more copies of Vic, now that Breaking Ties is no longer a threat?

Also, would it be worth it to run more Iron Banks to cycle Vince?