Tychos & The Wall - Melee top16

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LGB 169

For very competitive people only. Best Regards,

Tychos N.

*play advice 1: don’t even try to make friends... It won’t work

**play advice 2: Reset the board as much as you can, even if you are ahead


domse 148

Hey Luiz, great deck. I was playing new wall in Melee as well, but with Greensight and a large body of builders. This one looks much more refined though. I love how Sea Bitch completely protects you from those pesky opponents Sea Bitches. Did the Tycho Nestoris combo actually work? It seems to have a lot of moving pieces...

LGB 169

It is the third most important cad of the deck after wall and varys. Tychos is key tool to drive attention also a key tool to let you afford stuff. If you don’t see the wall on the set up you can set him up to play building orders.

Also most people think is fun, which helps the overall mood of the table. This is also bery important when their emotion will be confronted after several resets.

The deck is cruel to everyone’s game plan, so working the mood of the table actively is important.

I came out being the enemy most of the time. Specially playing against nordics (apart from Hultman, who tottally got the sptrit)...

Anyways, don’t underastimated 3 gold.

You got it! Sea Bitch is there coz of 2 reasons:

1) I need to stral the wall back.

2) I allways play either sea bitch or ward in big tournaments.

Another piece of info: I play no draw. That is a aspect of my builds and I am often recieve big critics from my build group... ;)