Sands of Blood

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PrinceOfDorne 9

Hi everyone.

First time to publish deck here. Hope you will like it. It is usual icon control with sea of blood stuff. Remove mil icons and win. Love The Prince's Plan, I had military icon on Greenblood Trader with str. 5 in one game. Ser Archibald Yronwood is nasty after you win mil and use put to the sword. Also if you have board control and expect Valars, you can fetch Someone Always Tells with Sea of blood. Still I need to test this more, but there's potential. I would like to hear what do you think and I am open to any suggestions. Cheers i pozdrav ekipi iz Carte i IkiPaklu :D


ksbl 1

Can you play Someone Always Tells with SoB in plotphase tho?

faust74 1

@PrinceOfDorne Sorry mate, but you can't play SAT in plot phase for free. SOB says you can reduce the costs of events only during military challenge...

Ozimandius 1

with what you have you could potentially play it on a turn that you use trade routes or that you have the water gardens with enough plots in used pile.

Loras Tyrell 311

You definitely need 2x Trade Routes here! I also see Tears Of Lys as an interesting options for your murder pakage

PrinceOfDorne 9

@Ozimandius,@faust74; Yeah it was not meant to be used with SOB in that way. Only for adding SAT to hand. I can still add it to my hand turn before to prepare for valar and use Trade Routes or Calling the Banners. I should add one more SAT but I encountered only few decks that ran both Valars. I will replace Forced March with Calling the Banners for higher initiative. Also more econ is always good.

PrinceOfDorne 9

@Loras Tyrell Unfortunately no events during intrigue challenges :(