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DM3 1


DM3 1

where am I wrong? why ? Thanks

Toaster 35

74 cards is too many (60 is the min limit) it messes with consistency of draws.
Playing one copy of a card is mostly done with unique characters that aren't central to the goal of the deck, so it doesn't matter too much when they get killed. Playing only one offs is a bad idea, again consistency.
Playing only 6 economy locations isn't enough (especially not for a 74 card deck).

Marching Orders is bad, because it's too inflexible.
Called Into Service is bad as well, because it's too unreliable.
You are lacking an opening plot (something with reliable income that let's you start the game) like Time of Plenty for example.

Catapult on the Wall is a bit weak, as it requires a lot of resources (keeps a character knelt for 2 turns).
"The Last of the Giants" is mostly used with Varys (Core) or Mag the Mighty or Jaqen H'ghar in control decks for a surprise element. Your neutral characters do not work well with that.

Overall your deck has not game plan (be it Builders protecting The Wall (Core) or Cheap Rangers being aggressive, or Steward Control, or a mix of goodstuff).

If this is a troll post ignore all of the above, if not I hope this helped :)