Martell Wars: The Isle & the Lane

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MagnusLothar 86

This is the deck I took to a 4th place finish at the store champs in Knightly Games, Lanark, on 16th March 2019. 12 players. Some thoughts on the deck's main mechanics:

ISLE OF RAVENS, SHADOWBLACK LANE & EVENTS This is an event-heavy deck, and the events are so good that we want to find them quickly and get them back into the deck. Some powerful plays available on your Gossip and Lies turn with Shadowblack Lane: after non-kneeling intrigue, fetch Doran's Game or a To The Spears!. Or why not shuffle a spent/discarded Doran's Game with the Isle of Ravens only to draw it again next round?

PLOTS IN THE USED PILE The obvious cards to mention are Doran's Game and Ricasso. Dorne can be a risky investment in this Sea of Blood and Greyjoy-heavy meta, so let's keep the used plot theme going with Secret Schemes x3. Dorne's consistent filtering is perhaps better, but in this build we don't have to wait long before we're drawing significant numbers of cards. Sudden splash-draw in Taxation is also great. Our Host of the Boneway are impressive even without the used plot STR-boost, but with At Prince Doran's Behest they're up to STR 7+ before long. Why not make them monsters with The Prince's Plan? Although not quite on a par with its 1st edition plot incarnation, To The Spears! is a terrifying card when conbined with the souped-up Hosts and the rest of our used-plot card suite. Don't underestimate the Starfall Cavalry...

MARTELL GOING FIRST?! Absolutely. For one thing, opponents don't expect this; and it's a good thing to sow the seeds of uncertainty. It's also good to have choices. It's even better to leave opponents with an ugly choice since most of the time we're going to benefit from going 1st or 2nd. Why? Ok, going first. There's the amazing Ellaria Sand (SoD). Combo her with The Withering Cold and a To The Spears! or two and there may be trouble ahead for your opponent - especially if you flip Gossip and Lies next turn... There's our Host of the Boneway armed to the teeth with STR boosts - and intimidate!! Let's not forget that. Darkstar (Km) can make opposing characters seem rather gormless after they've been stealthed and then find themselves without an important icon. Arianne Martell (JtO) is a great go-first card. Use her in a challenge for her insight before bouncing someone - all the better if you dump The Prince's Plan on her. Oh, and if opponents hate us going first, they're still going to hate us for going second.

This deck is vulnerable to Stark shut-down tech as you'll see from my results:

Round 1: Stark Fealty LOSS Round 2: Lanni Fealty WIN Round 3: Greyjoy Crossing WIN Round 4: Targ Crossing WIN CUT TO TOP 4 Round 5: Stark Fealty (as R1) LOSS

Congrats to Alasdair McTavish, the Stark Fealty pilot, who went on to win the event.

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