Fiery Moose - Ultima v3.0

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Luke@me 15

Back around seven years ago, I won a pre-tournamet (in the days of 1.0) at ‘guys that game’, essentially only because of the horrible ‘The black cells’ (link is here). bear in mind it was non-unique. I had a consistent way of dropping cards in and out of shadows, and so with three of these out on the table, it was easy sailing (although resulted in painfully long games for me and my opponents). Thankfully, in 2.0 Baratheon don’t have anything so overpowering as to destroy the enjoyment of the game, but they’ve always appealed to me regardless. After many many tweaks, I’ve come up with this deck that I’m happy with. I’m kinda surprised more people don’t use the The Iron Bank as it’s pretty epic over time.. that is unless Sea Bitch comes out :/

one thing to note, I’m not sure why on earth FFG haven’t restricted Plaza of Pride this card should absolutely replace Yunkai, but due to a “house rules” I consider this restricted and hence don’t play with it (it’s so freaking good though!)

Anyway, would love to know your thoughts on the deck.

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