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scantrell24 3137

2nd draft.

Potential cards:

Valar Morghulis

Unexpected Delay

First Snow of Winter

A Game of Thrones

Ravages of War (Rookery)

Begging Brothers

Maester Calleote

Fowler Twins

Knights of the Sun

Varys (Core) + Last of the Giants

Lingering Venom

Condemned + Scorching Deserts

Flea Bottom + Shadow City Bastard

Tears of Lys


urchin 20

So Ricasso leverages secret schemes, see cletus and the water garden.. I changed my mind about his value here as I wrote this.. a one of Dorans game makes some sense though right?

scantrell24 3137

Hmm Doran's Game might be worht a look, although I like it a lot better in Wars where there's no chance of cycling back to plot 1. I also don't know if there's enough intrigue strength to reliably win by 5 on the crucial turn.